Is Your Canine Ready For The Summer?

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I was taking a long walk in the cool spring air this morning. Actually, very early this morning! I had my golden and my black lab with me. On leash!

There are two issues that stood out for me concerning our 4 legged companions.

First : When you take your dog roller blading or bicycling make sure that your dog is up to meet the challenge. You can’t just take a dog that is not in shape put it on the end of a bicycle and pedal for an hour.

Exercise your dog as if it was you on the end of the leash! Ask yourself "Could I run this hard, this fast and this long?" If not, don’t make your dog do it. You could permanently hurt him.

Start slowly, and give him lots of breaks, and then work up the speed and the duration. And, don’t forget to bring the water for your dog also.

Second: I just hate it when owners of little dogs think it is funny when their little dogs run all over the place, off leash, and practically accost those dogs on leash. The owners are almost proud of the fact that their little guys will take on a big dog. Well it’s not funny, it is dangerous!

Even if the on leash dog is good natured, it’s not fair to the dog. The hyperness of the little dog often will transfer itself to the dog on leash.

All dogs need to learn how to behave in public. All dogs need to be socialized. That includes the little ones. There is nothing funny about a little misbehaved canine!

If your dog is not 100% trained to obey off leash, they should not be off leash, even in the park. You need to be able to recall your dog.

So, with summer around the corner: Get at it. Teach your dog the minimum commands:

1 – Sit

2- Sit/Stay

3-Come. The recall

These are a must if you take your dog into a public area.

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