iPAD Winner ANNOUNCED! Random Cookie Treat Style!

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


YouTube Description

Wonton picks the Winner of the iPAD!!! —– MAIN CHANNEL: www.youtube.com WHOTHEHELLSJOENATION – 2nd Channel! www.youtube.com JOE NATION T-SHIRTS!!! joenationtv.spreadshirt.com TWITTER www.twitter.com FACEBOOK www.facebook.com DAILYBOOTH dailybooth.com JNTV Offical iPhone App bit.ly NEW IPHONE APP!! Joe Nation Fortune Teller! bit.ly Category:

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. Rona3280
    | Reply

    So cute!!!!

  2. tayhupp
    | Reply


  3. lipsmakersrok
    | Reply

    awhhhhhhh my computer is soooooo slow

  4. swimer1899
    | Reply


  5. oako1001
    | Reply

    i want more wonton videos

  6. lemondelightful
    | Reply

    That was amazing!!!!! OH HOW I LOVE WONTON AND JOE NATIONTV!!! <3

  7. Jvsparkle
    | Reply

    I LOVE WONTON!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. proxythe1337
    | Reply

    Wait, did he eat a chocolate chip cookie?

  9. GiselleOMG1
    | Reply

    @proxythe1337 No hun, idk if all the people has this but there is a anotation on my aunt’s comp, and it said [THIS IS NOT A CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE, ITS JUST A TREAT, NEVER GIVE YOU DOGS CHOCOLATE OR GRAPES] i think, coz my comp doesn’t have that anotation

  10. GiselleOMG1
    | Reply

    LOL did Wonton’s voice just become high ptch? xD

  11. 25LPG
    | Reply

    @WontonSombrero More. Freakin. Videos!

  12. MissVanillaPotato
    | Reply

    @Rivendol nope, you’re actually fifth and i’m sixth! lol we both failed

  13. sugkizzy8
    | Reply

    we won;p

  14. teamjacob1618
    | Reply

    What kind of dog is Wonton???

  15. Unicornz834
    | Reply

    XD at the end ” I won’t poop for a week” LOL

  16. 567890dan
    | Reply

    i have an Ipad2 so i don’t need you r treat choosing prejudice decisions

  17. 516popcorn
    | Reply

    This came out on my FAVORITE day of the year!! =) I bet u can guess y!! 🙂

  18. darkheartskill
    | Reply

    @516popcorn ur birthday ?

  19. 129knife921
    | Reply

    @WelshCorgiO wat, were u expecting him to sing lady gaga while doing a handstand?

  20. snipergamezer
    | Reply

    cool random

  21. Cassacify
    | Reply

    @WelshCorgiO yeah but thats random too so it doesn’t really matter

  22. brickhousecycles
    | Reply

    he is just to cute mr wanton

  23. SeptimusLover
    | Reply

    haha i love Wontons way of chosing. So cute! <3

  24. sweetiegirl0909
    | Reply

    ITS SO CUTE! <3

  25. NoraXDtv
    | Reply

    wanton & Smoshs guinea pig should collab!

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