Introducing – PetLvr Community (BETA) v.2010

Join Our **NEW** PetLvr Community

You are all cordially invited to join, and participate in my latest Pet Related adventure ….

PetLvr Community

This is long overdue .. but I have now created Community on the root of this blog, using the Buddypress wordpress plugin, where everybody can hang out and chat with other pet lovers. It’s new! It’s sooooo new, in fact, that I can’t really tell you what it’s really all about yet – except it will only get better once you become part of the community!

Will you eventually make this your starting homepage on your browser because it’s so great?!?????

um, probably not .. at least not yet that is! However, you can create groups, forum posts, make comments that instantly go to your twitter or facebook streams, chat with friends, LIKE or RATE posts, add links, post pictures of your pets, and brag about them, or complain about your neighbor’s pets, or offer pet related tips and other neat links … well, maybe you might want to set this as your start page 😀

I have added a button on the top menu of this blog (“COMMUNITY”) for a quick hop over there, and to get back all you have to do is just hit the button “PetLvr Blog” for convenience. Your support is appreciated. Your participation even more!

Get a **FREE** New PetLvr Blog (or two) For Yourself!

If you are looking for a pet related blog or a blog for any purpose, you are also free to create a free blog on a new wordpress multisite installation …

There are a few little catches to creating free blogs because I am very low tolerance for spam blogs and splogging (reminded by the front page before you create a user and a message appears in your Dashboard)

1) ONLY ONE USER PER PERSON – if I see more than one user with same IP I will delete all users and their blogs. One user can create many blogs, and it will be easier for you to switch among them anyway.
2) YOU HAVE TO EMAIL ME WHY YOU WANT THIS BLOG – because if you don’t, you probably a “bot” and using automated services to create and post on this site. I do not want that – so, if you haven’t sent me an email what your purpose is by the end of the day, I will mark your username and blogs as a spammer
3) IT IS AN EXPERIMENT – For legitimate blogs and users, you are welcome to use this service and nothing will happen to your information. I will warn in advance that I test wpMU stuff on this blog for my other sites, and some things like plugins, etc may come and go at my will. However, if you wish a specific plugin or theme for your blog .. feel free to contact me about it and I’ll try to get it up for you ASAP.


Nothing new here .. but, in the spirit of the PetLvr Community … whether you have a free PetLvr blog or you are a member of the PetLvr Community on the root of this domain – you are welcome to guest blog on THIS blog ORIGINAL CONTENT on a periodic or frequent basis. Ask me how and let me know what interests you, via our contact form from the top menu button.

HART (aka PetLvr)

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2 Responses

  1. HART (1-800-HART)
    | Reply

    (new PetLvr post ).. Introducing – PetLvr Community (BETA) v.2010

  2. Dick
    | Reply

    I am looking forward to being an active member of this group. My pet blog was inspired by a dog I adopted from our local shelter two years ago just after my mother passed away. I saved him and then he saved me. I love dogs and would have a hundred or more if I could!

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