In the middle of a few projects .. but

Hi everybody.

There will be no posting until after the Grey Cup Game here in Winnipeg on Sunday 5pm CST … but it’s not because of the game itself or the event being held here in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada .. it’s that I’ve been tinkering in a few large projects – both offline and online – that has been taking up my regular and spare time. Also, I did a bunch of pre-posting last weekend but I forgot that the ones on this blog ended Wednesday morning!

* As for the offline projects .. I am not at liberty to say .. but it has been occupying my time immensely

* As for the online projects .. it’s mostly related to my two communities ..

(1) Related to the alternate HART-Empire Network II community, and
(2) Another pet related project what will accompany this “LVR-Series of Blogs” .. mostly related to this PetLvr site and community

Feel free to guess on either (1) or (2) and the first correct answer on either one will get a free blog hosted on my server! This particular offer will expire Monday morning when I announce the winner (or lack of one).. Don’t worry .. I’ll be honest! So, give a good guess .. C’mon!


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