Importance of Dog Training!

A beautiful Dog Morning, From Ruth Bird, and my 3 dogs.   I listened to the sunshine calling me this morning and went out to mow the lawn.

So, my blind dog, Dukie, decides to play torpedo. He lays down in the middle of the lawn, snuggles into the long grass, and decides to stay there. Lurking for what I have noooooo idea 🙂

My puppy, 2 year old Nikki ( they are all my puppies) decides that mowing the lawn must be like our dog obedience class, going around and around, so she decides to show me how much she remembers, and heels at my side!  The Whole Time!

Anyways, here we are, getting ready for summer, especially in regards to health and safety for ourselves, family and our pets. Check out dog training here. Nikki’s heeling reminded me of this very important point. A trained dog is a safe dog. And a fun dog!  Please, please train your dog.  For everyone’s Sake!


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