Ian Dunbar: Dog-friendly dog training

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


YouTube Description

www.ted.com Speaking at the 2007 EG conference, trainer Ian Dunbar asks us to see the world through the eyes of our beloved dogs. By knowing our pets’ perspective, we can build their love and trust. It’s a message that resonates well beyond the animal world.

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. grejotte
    | Reply

    @6annon He gives you the answer, you now have to think by yourself to find what the dogs like more that sniffing another dog. Simple no? Just find something he likes more.

  2. DreamComeTrueK9
    | Reply

    @heartdogs i think that what you both need to see is that just like for dogs there is a time and a place….its applies to us as well…there is a time and a place for different “approaches”..and depends on what you are dealing with…both work to an extent depending on when and where and why you use it

  3. sequoyahbean
    | Reply

    @DreamComeTrueK9 – Certainly there are different techniques that trainers can employ, however, it’s interesting how many trainers still base their training on the concept of dominance and linear hierarchy, when we now know that dogs, while they are certainly social animals with dominant and submissive behaviors, are NOT pack driven in the sense that people have historically thought of wolves.

  4. DreamComeTrueK9
    | Reply

    @sequoyahbean i feel that word play gets too much involved at times when it comes to “training”. there must be positive reinforcment and their must be a leadership assertive guiding figure for the dog to follow at times. its also important to understand the difference between discipline and punishment. they can be two different things. u might not have 2 b more dominant than a dog but u often do need 2 correct and show them that their display of dominance in most cases is not tolerated as well.

    | Reply

    this guy is the same as victoria slutwell they are “trainers” and are fairly useless when it comes to corection. they cant stop a dog from trying to kill another dog,all they can do is get a dog to sit! what good is that? useless twats fuck off and watch cesar millan.a guy who knows what hes doing.

  6. wreckedrasclad
    | Reply

    @timHYPERLITE what a prick you are? Yea some guy on t.v. is bound to be better. He’s on t.v.

    | Reply

    @wreckedrasclad cesars better than victoria slutwell.cesar doesnt tell families over the phone that they should put down theyre dog,because she cant train it. this dumbar guy and slutwell,still use negitive corection,they use loud bangs and noises.just because they like to feel superior claiming better methods.

  8. Mewsaphine
    | Reply

    I cannot say enough how much I love Dr. Dunbar. I’ve heard him speak in conferences, seen him work, and seen him in a more personal setting. He is an amazing man, and no one can convince me otherwise! Its stupid to force someone to see truth when they’ve got their noses buried in lies. I’ve already learned to not argue with ignorant trainers (Cesar followers). Just lead by example, be gracious, but firm in your beliefs. Cheers to all the good trainers on here from a younger gen. trainer!

  9. Mewsaphine
    | Reply

    @timHYPERLITE You clearly haven’t seen the episode where Cesar used a remote training collar on the dog. The way he was using it was in a NEGATIVE way. So, where is your justification in that for him? Please educate yourself. How is an alpha roll, harsh jerk on a choke chain, and slight kick to the rump not considered a negative correction? I’m not being sarcastic… I seriously wish to understand your logic and thinking.

  10. timHYPERLITE
    | Reply

    @Mewsaphine sure agreed sometimes all trainers loose it and loose there cool.BUT cesar hasnt told anyone to put theyre dog down. look on the internet for its me or the dog,bengi put down. victoria gave up and told family OVER THE PHONE that they should give up and put the dog down.sure cesar uses negartive training but ive never seen him give up and say that a dog should be put down.the food/obedience training is ok,but if a dogs life is on the line,victoria will have him put down.

  11. Mewsaphine
    | Reply

    @timHYPERLITE I wasn’t able to find that episode, but contrary to your belief, not all dogs can be saved! Some dogs are too dangerous to humans and other animals alike (poor breeding/mental issues) that they are not safe to have in society. Because of this danger level they need to be humanely put down. It is more humane for the dog, and the responsible thing to do. I train, and specialize in aggression cases, and I KNOW when there is no hope. It is sad, but very much a reality.

  12. mydogkanskidrums
    | Reply

    @timHYPERLITE What a ridiculous comment. Real dog behaviour is about a lot more than what Cesar Millan preaches. Cesar uses old methods that Dr Ian Dunbar was using 20 years ago. Luckily, people like Dunbar have researched further and understand more about dog behaviour than anything. Dunbar has helped many aggressive dogs and was a chief assessor in the Diane Whipple case, who was killed by two dogs walking to her home.

  13. timHYPERLITE
    | Reply

    maybe this guys good,but slutwell is bad and puts nice dogs down.honestly check out “bengie” its the episode she tried to cover up…and her forum bans you if u mention it..

    | Reply

    I will never understand why dog trainers get so hot headed about these matters. Particularly when the issue seems to be positivity.

  15. nikiosko
    | Reply

    Ian Dunbar! This is one of the most impressive speeches about dogs I can imagine and I can comprehend!

  16. HiveDes
    | Reply

    Can someone please explain to me what the punishment was in his example with the dog that had agression problems in the kitchen?

  17. Soho1977
    | Reply

    @gentlegiants1 u have some poitns, but you are missing the POINT. because, what c.m. is doin is TRYING TO CORRECT A FUCKED UP DOG!!! you are all mistaking training from early age with CORRECTION of unwanted behaviour..which is not likely to happen…a fucked up dog in most cases is a fucked up dog.

  18. Soho1977
    | Reply

    @PassThePopkorn maybe he should have stopped and try talking to a dog instead LOL

  19. Soho1977
    | Reply

    @badabingrockford you got the point. people are jsut palin ignorant and see what they want to see. cheers

  20. zDreamerkid
    | Reply

    I find it fascinating that dog training relates so well to many other areas in life. This is awesome stuff right here :] It really gives a broader view on what to do in different situations.

  21. H15A5H1
    | Reply

    ok so, he went to someones house to help their aggressive dog, didnt fix the problem, and now that dog is euthanized? the hell? im sick and tired of all these +R ppl humanizing dogs and not using alternative methods that would rehabilitate aggressive dogs. like sending the dog to a real dog behaviorialist. youre not going to cookie the aggression away.

  22. hannahcrx
    | Reply

    @HiveDes There was no specific punishment which is the point….. The dog was made aware of what was expected of him and corrected without anger or aggression. Just like kids or spouses, the energy you put out will be dished right back to you.
    There is an exception to every rule. Life will be easier for all involved if we accept what we have and deal with each situation individually.

  23. hifreak1c
    | Reply

    Are you Ian???

  24. thewhitemosquito
    | Reply

    I love this man! How can 24 people not like this video? Ahhh, must be Caesar fans, lame!

  25. PaulAndMuttley
    | Reply

    I’m a Cesar fan and I like the video. But just as many people give Cesar a bad rap because they use anger and uncontrolled rage in their attempt at domination with no attempt at communication, many of his antagonists in th PP camp are equally, if not more, violent and accusatory when they try to browbeat those who do not agree 100% with their dogma. Anyone who cares enough to discuss dog training also cherishes their relationship with their dog, The methods should be their own choice.

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