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Doggy Water Safety 101

August is here, and in many places, so is the hot sun. One of the best ways to save yourself from the scorching summer heat is simple – get wet. So next time you decide to take a dip, why not bring your dog? Floating, water-resistant toys can certainly turn an everyday game of fetch into an exciting water sport. And doggy paddling is undoubtedly great exercise for your canine.

Although many breeds love the water, some can’t swim. That’s why it’s a good idea to provide your pet with a securely fastened doggy life jacket, even if he’s a strong swimmer. That’s not all. Make sure to keep an eye out for boats, water–skiers and wakeboarders.

Taking your pet on a boat for the first time? Keep him off the bow. If you have to stop suddenly, he might slide off. Make sure he’s still wearing his life jacket, too. And if it’s his first time on a boat, keep the trip short to ease him into the boating experience. Plus, mature dogs like yours shouldn’t spend excessive time under the scorching sun. Of course, once you’re finished, you’ll want to provide your pooch with plenty of fresh water and shade to keep him hydrated back on the shore.

Keep in mind that some swimming areas do not allow dogs. Call ahead of time, just to be sure. Check the lake rules to make sure it’s OK for your dog to be off his leash. Remember that water safety also applies to canines.

Summertime is the best time for fun in the sun and cooling off at the lake. Next time you go with your friends, bring your dog. He’s sure to create a real splash.

Check out HEALTH Watch below for tips on choosing the best toys for your dog.

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Health Watch: Choosing the Best Toys for Your Dog

There’s nothing like a new toy to spark up play time for you and your buddy. But new toys aren’t always fun and games. It’s important to choose the safest toy for your pet to avoid potential hazards.

First thing’s first – dogs need dog toys. Plush toys that are made for children can be easily ripped apart and swallowed. Some are made out of synthetic materials that could harm your pooch if ingested. That’s why it’s important to buy toys made specifically for animals. Here are a few helpful tips for the next time you visit the pet store.

All dogs, even mature dogs like yours, need a chew toy to strengthen jawbones, alleviate boredom, ease anxiety and simply relax. Your dog will need something non-toxic, durable and made from a hard rubber that can’t be chewed into smaller pieces. It should be big enough to play with, but not small enough to swallow. Some chew toys can be filled with treats, making play time even more rewarding.

Retrieval toys such as rubber balls, tennis balls and Frisbees promote exercise. Like chew toys, retrieval toys should be sized appropriately for your breed – small enough to bite and carry, but not small enough to go down his throat. For instance, because it has the potential to break into smaller, ingestible pieces, a cracked ball should be immediately thrown away.

Toy safety also involves maintenance. In fact, it’s recommended that you clean and inspect them once a week. Because your older dog’s immune system isn’t as strong as it used to be, bacteria can be harmful. Nylon, rubber and rope toys can be easily hand-washed with soap and water. Also, remove fraying rope, ribbons, tags, buttons, eyes or any toy part that could be a potential choking hazard.

The most important thing to consider when choosing a toy for your dog is – your dog! Dogs need to be challenged with a variety of toys in order to maintain proper health and happiness for life. Keep your dog active and entertained with the best, safest toys for him.

Headlines For Canines: Five Myths About Senior Dogs

Don’t believe everything you hear. There are many stereotypes and misconceptions about mature dogs. In order to clear up the rumors and wipe the slate clean, we must approach these myths and set the record straight.

Myth 1: It’s OK for dogs to eat table scraps

Not true and potentially harmful

Dogs need food made especially for their bodies. Feeding your animal table scraps can lead to obesity and begging. Not only that, but human food doesn’t always contain the right nutrients your dog needs. In fact, table scraps can be dangerous to your pet. Chicken bones can splinter and get stuck inside his throat. Because many canines are lactose intolerant, milk can upset your pet’s stomach. Did you know chocolate contains theobromine, which can increase your pooch’s heart rate? It is important to provide your pet with the nutrients he needs throughout his happy life.

Myth 2: You shouldn’t adopt a senior dog – go for a puppy instead.

Not true

An older dog makes a great first pet because at his age, he’s probably already housetrained and familiar with obedience commands. Many are still active and thoroughly enjoy vigorous walks in the park. By adopting a senior pooch, you are saving a life and providing a warm, happy place for him to spend his golden years.

Myth 3: Mature dogs are lethargic and overweight


Mature dogs aren’t lethargic and overweight. Like any dog, mature dogs can become lethargic and overweight if they are not properly fed and exercised. If you provide your pet with the right balance of nutrients and regular exercise he needs, he can approach maturity with grace and ease.

Myth 4: Older dogs have too many health problems


Health problems are related to diet, breed and family history. Health issues may arise as a part of the natural aging process, but with regular vet visits, most issues can be controlled or alleviated.

Myth 5: An old dog won’t grow attached to me


Older dogs are loyal companions that love to cuddle. With a little time and patience, you and your mature dog will make a connection and become best friends for life.

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