i are cute kitten

i am talking cat. kind of you to depress orange button for subscribing. sending my moving picture to your family would be high honor for me. i our very cute kitten so much to be ever in your life? very pleaseing to eye, i hope. i maybe having powers cute beyond scientific understanding. you will please submitting to my cuteness with prepare to melt like chocolate forest clause. forgiving my english please, as not good i am just a kitten as aforementioned. i not knowing origin maybe mother was Asian and father was Jewish but I are 100 percentage cute kitten for certainty. babysitterofnalts is my caring taker. please to greet her thank you. she never harm me and she ask to making that clear. she always kind caring taker and feed me often. www.youtube.com www.kevinnalts.com some kitten are fighting with other i see. why that? http

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38 Responses

  1. barti673
    | Reply

    @Oniuu Bo jestes glupi zeby nie zrozumiec o co chodzi?

  2. FLlowersIntherough
    | Reply

    I fear some parts of this video may give rednecks, Chinese women and American soldiers ideas.

  3. LoveSteroid
    | Reply

    You don’t own a cat, do you? My cats LOVE to crawl into tight spaces…

  4. AjinryuStar
    | Reply

    Of course.

  5. 10WTF011
    | Reply

    I love youtube :)

  6. Woodwender455
    | Reply

    This isnt cruel because they didn’t leave her their they put her in and immediately started the camera, doing no harm…

  7. Hope Hadley
    | Reply

    AHHH! So cute!

  8. TheModernNewbs
    | Reply

    But the question is - Will it blend?

  9. MsGera1994
    | Reply

    i are do not know grammar

  10. xXWheelchairGuyXx
    | Reply

    no need to tell me, you already know what I was talking about, right?

  11. QueenRania96
    | Reply

    ‘i are’ ?!

  12. Oniuu
    | Reply

    czemu jest i are

  13. WerewolfSister
    | Reply

    I ADMIT, werewolves are just my second love. GO CUTE LITTLE KITTEN, GO!!!!!!!!

  14. MsCrazydaisy66
    | Reply

    Adorableness <3

  15. yacill
    | Reply

    I got a shitty cat-channel with tons of useless cats (^o.O^)

  16. mrskingsbury71
    | Reply

    There’s no doubt that this kitten is cute. I think the dislikes come from people who see this kitten put in drawers, drain pipes, mail boxes and they think this is cruel.

  17. Lianne Leung
    | Reply

    lol so mean!

  18. MonaJedhead
    | Reply

    cuteness overload 🙂

  19. Geogina Jenkins
    | Reply

    oh shit, im on the cat side of youtube again

  20. alekey13
    | Reply


  21. maria alzennah llaneta
    | Reply

    so lovely so cute i love it <3

  22. Anthony Leerberg
    | Reply

    I think being shoved in these tight spaces would be horrible

  23. Pivotman06
    | Reply

    Poor Kitten DISLIKE

  24. SomeRandomGamerHD
    | Reply

    But they’re kittens. They LOVE going into uncomfortable positions. My kittens tried to jump into a cupboard once.

  25. AjinryuStar
    | Reply

    Also true

  26. AjinryuStar
    | Reply

    Make that 26,530

  27. xXWheelchairGuyXx
    | Reply

    either some of the 26,529 people are idiots, or they’re from China

  28. Mitch Gardner
    | Reply

    I searched “Minecraft” how the heck did I end up here?

  29. odeh dalahme
    | Reply

    I had to kill my family to feel like a man again

  30. victoriamarie139
    | Reply

    i wasn’t abused, but this kitten is being put in uncomfortable positions just for the sake of cuteness.

  31. Sammi MacDonald
    | Reply


  32. jaguarjamie45
    | Reply

    You’ve done nothing but complain in your comments mate, don’t give me this “discussion” bullcrap, your post isn’t discussion worthy, and if anything you are attacking the user who posted this great video. If the video isn’t doing it for you, then don’t watch the rest of it, simple, no need to post a load of crap.

  33. K1rkHammet
    | Reply

    Maybe because they think it is rude to put him in a bag, coffee thing, mail box etc etc

  34. TheCreepyminecraft
    | Reply

    only thing i can say CUTE!

  35. pulliplova
    | Reply


  36. Cruzinshootr
    | Reply

    Who the hell are you to proclaim “nobody cares”? Have you done a valid survey to prove your stupid comment?

    BTW. I’m not a “dude,” I left ‘dude’ & ‘dudette’ behind in the ’70’s.

    I posted for discussion, not personal attacks, which you seem to be trying to initiate and I will not respond to it other than to again ask for proof on how you came up with the “nobody cares” statement.

    In kind, I doubt anyone cares about your statement either. Checkmate, lol!

  37. Matty Diamond
    | Reply


  38. 3nippledmigetwarrior
    | Reply


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