Hysterical bubbles! (original) – laughing baby

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


YouTube Description

Get Molly’s laugh as your ringtone! Text BABYLAUGHING to 69937 (MYXER) to download for just $.99! On a lazy day I decided to try blowing bubbles for my daughter, Molly. At first, she didn’t think they were “all that,” but then Bennie, the dog, showed Molly how much fun bubbles can be. Molly thought Bennie’s bubble popping was the funniest thing she has seen in her 9-1/2 months! A little background info on Bennie: We adopted Bennie from a shelter in Central Illinois in 2008. They told us that he is a German Shepherd and Beagle mix. We would not be surprised to find out that he has other breeds mixed in as well!

What do you think?

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26 Responses

  1. jamisonislegit16
    | Reply

    ommg i’ve seen this sooooo many times and i laugh every single time!!!!!!!!!!1 haha aweeee i love her laugh

  2. m4fka
    | Reply

    He so gentle with that last bubble , he knows where his teeth are .. nice vid

  3. mrtrainboy019
    | Reply

    he’s going to be farting out bubbles

  4. fodeychon
    | Reply

    shes gonna die if she dont stop laughing

  5. GhanemFamily
    | Reply

    i dont understand the babies logic!

  6. mrtrainboy019
    | Reply

    0:37 the dog’s like “Please, sir, May I have some more?”

  7. j4a5n689
    | Reply

    who didnt love it?? its so hilarious!!!!!:)HAHAHAHHAHAHA

  8. lilucc42
    | Reply

    I cant understand why 230 people do not like it!!! Very very very cute!!!!!!

  9. ktwo596
    | Reply

    This is my favorite video on ALL of YouTube. Her laugh is HILARIOUS!!

  10. leomoura17
    | Reply



  11. tastytacomilo
    | Reply

    woah i got scared at 0:15 i thought the dog was going to attack the baby

  12. ladamshpxl
    | Reply

    Lovely baby, lovely dog, lovely mom- just a lovely fun happy video. If only everyone was so kind to their children and pets… what a wonderful world this would be.
    Thank you for sharing this with the world!!!

  13. tuticarol
    | Reply

    ownnnnnnnnnnn very very cute!!! (:

  14. lowcountrygalhaha
    | Reply

    lol u need more videos and u will be awesome

  15. Blafont000
    | Reply

    I can’t stop laughing at molly

  16. sunnysidedown04
    | Reply

    230 people were bubbles

  17. Pinktiga10
    | Reply

    now how the hell do you dislike this? man there is something wrong with 232 people.

  18. kyouandkiba
    | Reply

    i love your babys laugh

  19. missallieweasley
    | Reply

    This was on Ellen!! 🙂

  20. americaneagle217
    | Reply

    the sweetest sound in the world is a baby’s laugh it fills your heart with happiness

  21. blownup
    | Reply

    Wait for the dog to bite the baby trying to get a bubble. Idiots.

  22. marybeeter
    | Reply

    Oh my gosh! This is hilarious! Her laugh makes me laugh! I want it as my ringtone! Im surprised that the dog didn’t accidently bite her! It came really close to on 0:22 – 0:25! That would’ve been bad! But its still a REALLY funny video! She must LOVE some bubbles!

  23. goodnightmoon127
    | Reply

    what kind of dog do you have? my old dog looks just like it? i really want to know the breed. thanks.

  24. FabiaSantos100
    | Reply


  25. bloodyusernamedammit
    | Reply

    wow 232 people have no soul!!

  26. Thomas
    | Reply

    Hahaha so cute! That dog likes bubbles as much as he likes “eating” them. LOL.

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