Hurricane Rescue Story for animal-lovers

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest!

>> Note: From YouTube >>

The story begins with the rescuers finding this poor dog

Please … If you think this video is not appropriate nor related to pet adoption and rescue .. please let HART know via the Contact form. Thank-You

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19 Responses

  1. anthonytaylor989

    people who rescue animals are the best people in the world and should be awarded for this

  2. indrayevette

    Thank god for the people that rescue animals they deserve many many thanx and ssome sort of award ….

  3. jonwp

    That was great, i loved it when the cat came and everyone got on fine

  4. tikidikidoo

    Thankyou for sharing. Though you certainly do deserve an award I have a feeling you already received it seeing all those sweethearts comforting each other. God bless you for what you’re doing.

  5. tarrazo


  6. YouKnowImRich

    aww great story

  7. MeganShaniece

    awe check out my slideshows

  8. LuvPink16

    its good to hear that there are animals lovers out there like u … (:

  9. winkle202

    What a great story. I love the picture of them all sleeping together. Bless you for what you do.

  10. lovfaihop

    i wish i was there that time to rescue all the animals..

  11. evamercedesz

    Beautiful…I’m crying for this video! God bless you!

  12. Hyp3rWolf

    aww… such a cute dog!

  13. lastsin0


  14. lovfaihop

    oh…hmm pitty animals all over the world…

  15. toppenn

    Touching & beautiful story…

  16. TheMikisDog

    Hope they are all happy now.

  17. josuraya

    thanks so much for posting this…

  18. rj031089

    it really touches me…and i thank you for having such a good heart towards animals..God Bless you

  19. muta157

    Well if that doesn’t put a smile on your face, I don’t know what will.