Hurricane Katrina Dog Rescue in 9th Ward

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest!

Note: information from YouTube

In this podcast, we follow several pet-rescue volunteers through the devastation of the Ninth Ward and Gentilly neighborhoods of New Orleans during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. (Watch the video here.) They climb over houses, cars, debris, and run through a city that looks like Hiroshima, carrying 40-pound sacks of food and buckets of water… all to feed and rescue pets left behind. It is horrific, and heart-lifting to see these valiant, selfless efforts… volunteers giving their heart and soul to save animals in the disaster zone… However feeding is not always enough. And there is too little support for these volunteers to do more. (Watch the video here. Directed by Ride Hamilton.)

Please … If you think this video is not appropriate nor related to pet adoption and rescue .. please let HART know via the Contact form. Thank-You

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23 Responses

  1. MeVinson37

    Haven’t you heard? The government didn’t know what was happening. George Bush was in Crawford giving a birthday party for John McCain.


    Omg thats so sad. i hope they try and save some and not leave them there i love dogs so much i have 3 thats so sad hearing dogs under wood crying in pain god i wish i can help you know i wish i an save them all but im only 1 person

  3. harrygirl1

    i wish i could do more then what i did i adopted a katrena dog

  4. wb7ptr

    There’s no excuse for leaving pets behind in a disaster, and the relief groups that ask you not to bring your pets to a shelter should change their tune. Most pet owners consider their pet a part of the family ….

  5. Indio156

    All over the world, there are too many unwanted pets in shelters that are killed, if they don’t find homes. Nobody should ever buy pets, until it’s possible for every shelter pet to find a home, so no shelter pets will be killed. Everyone should ADOPT PETS and save a life that way.

  6. Indio156

    I am white, and American, and I believe they planned it. Racial cleansing. It was a very dangerous area before the storm. All black and very dangerous and very poor. So it was to the gov’ts benefit that the levee “accidentaly” broke and flooded their homes. And incase anyone was planning on coming back, just leave them for a week, with no food, water, bathrooms, ets. And THEN they will really go wherever the bus takes them. BUSH IS A PIG.

  7. xarrislazakis

    Everything destroyed. Houses, cars a lot of people died. Pets interest you;

  8. BuffyandBuster

    You are obviously an idiot.

  9. cuteambros15

    =( poor babies

  10. happymike44

    I lived in Louisiana and the troopers were told arrest anyone who gives you trouble.
    Most pets were removed from their owners at evacuation points.
    We learned after this to openly lie about having a pet in the car.
    To never tell them the truth about anything due to the pets safety.
    Why because people lie to each other kill each other and are just horrorific to each other.
    Pets are the support many of us rely on during the rough times in our lives.

  11. wb7ptr

    Hey Folks;

    I’m about ready to drop out of a certain relief group over pet issues. They run shelters … then tell people to leave the critters BEHIND. CRAZY 🙁 🙁

  12. jonnyx34

    my dog was almost 100 pds so we couldn’t take her and shelter wouldn’t and she had just 4 puppies we came back we couldn’t find her or the puppies. 🙁

  13. emarskineel

    i’m sorry to hear that 🙁 i experienced a similar tragedy after katrina…since that happened I’ve chosen to make animal rescue my career. It was the best decision I have ever made

  14. busafwine

    waw that is dipressing

  15. TheKerryzzz

    they should have rescued the animals first before the people.

  16. tieuwest

    I really want to rescue animals in disaster. But in my country, they don’t care about pets, they just rescue people. I cried when i watched this video.

  17. badgyrl310


    The were forced to leave their pets behind b/c there wasn’t enough room at the Astrodome and everywhere else they randomly sent the evacuees. They even split up families sending them to different shelters around the country. Get your facts straight before you criticize.

  18. SandroAnya


    Good comment. I totally agree with you <3

  19. blindnarcissus

    excellent work in horrible conditions. thank you.

  20. warhola1

    @Indio156 a thousand thumbs up

  21. Twin6878

    @Indio156 In a disaster state, there are not always resources to allow the evacuation of animals. If the owners are going to a shelter, many do not allow pets. It becomes the burden of organizations like Muttshack to rescue who was left behind.

  22. songnight

    @Indio156 You should have read up a little on Katrina before you posted impugning New Orleans pet owners. They were not allowed to take their pets with them upon rescue. Get it now?

    A law was passed a few years ago so that they will be now be allowed to.

  23. lynnandian

    i aint watching this i wanna be happy not sad :(!