Hurricane Katrina Animal Rescue

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest!

Note: information from YouTube

THE FIRST PART OF THE VIDEO HAS NO AUDIO. THIS IS ON PURPOSE. My name is Terri Keefer. I went to New Orleans for animal rescue, five weeks post Katrina. There was a temporary shelter housing all animals, about one hour outside of New Orleans. It was called Lamar-Dixon in Gonzales, LA. We took care of animals there, before most were transported out of state. No one in Louisiana would take them. The animals in the city were terrified, and many would run from us. Others were injured, sick, aggressive or already dead. We did everything we could to save just one animal. We spent two hours prying an air conditioner out of a window only to find the cat we were trying to save was dead. I want to commend all rescuers for their tireless efforts, hard work and willingness to live in extreme conditions (mosquitoes, 103 degree heat, lack of food). I had never attempted animal rescue before this, now it is a huge part of my life. Most of the photos I took while literally running from place to place. Some of the field rescue photos were generously given to me by HSUS to use for my non-profit, non-commercial, personal video account of my time spent there. Thanks for watching. MUSIC: Celine Dion – Prayer – live on Larry King when she was speaking to him about her disgust of the rescue efforts during Katrina; The Carpenters – Bless the Beasts and the Children; Melissa Etheridge – Heal Me.

Please … If you think this video is not appropriate nor related to pet adoption and rescue .. please let HART know via the Contact form. Thank-You

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24 Responses

  1. poodtang1

    DancingSOS123: Most of this could have been prevented if shelters had let people take their pets with them. This has since been changed, people can now bring pets with them.

  2. AyakoTachi

    so many pit bulls

  3. Brian211978

    how sad at…well…all of them 🙁

  4. ArsenalBoi4Life21

    is it ment to be bad or good i cant tell sorry

  5. Tigkat

    it’s both really

  6. xoMikkaMouseox

    I’m gonna volunteer in a animal shelter. 🙂

  7. abejareyna100

    god bless all of you who took the time to rescue all of these animals. now i sit here and watch this video and i regret every day that i did not lend my hands to help the needy animals of New Orleans

  8. TheDisasterChick

    Update on a dog in this video! The small brown dog with a cast on his leg was one I took care of! I sent him to my personal vet in Atlanta, where he had pins and plates put in his leg. 8 weeks later he went to West Palm Beach, FL to his new home…with the fireman who rescued him in Mississippi. His new Dad was with the National Guard and was told to leave “Ditch” behind, but he couldn’t. I got the call to keep this dog safe until he could come home.. Ditch is now HUGE and much loved!

  9. CRX35E

    Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it.

    People go read this book:
    “Vaccination Condemned by Competent Doctors”

    It talks about the “swine flu” vaccination campaign people were victims of back there in 1978.

    It is a must read, specially for all those of you who think your government loves you and obediently want to take the swine flu shots, please read it, transcripts of it are freely available on-line…

  10. sassysmom1

    You all are kind, loving people to help out animals. God Bless everyone of you:)

  11. nmunro1977

    I cried thru the whole thing…bless all those people who helped endlessley day and night to aid the animals…etc…

  12. MelnStarscream

    Ha, that is so sad yet so wonderfull! Animals are, sadly, the ones to suffer the most thru crisi like this and are most of the time forgotten and left to fetch for themselves… What you guys did was simply wonderful. If I could, I would go and take some of those poor, alone animals and give them a home to stay…

    God bless you, guys! You rocks!

  13. LAX324

    They are animals. I mean it’s sad that they are suffering becuase I don’t like animals to suffer, but human lives are more important. They seemed more invested in saving animals than men women and children.

  14. Tigkat

    This is amazing news about Ditch! Do you have any photos?
    I loved that little guy.

  15. gunnyranger2

    It’s nice that we are rescuing animals, but what about the Millions of Children that are slaughtered every year [in America] then thrown in the Janitors closet to die?!

    I think that a human life, is just a wee bit more important than a Mole!

    Our priorities, are all screwed up in this Country!!!

  16. 12345atalia

    It is very good that all these animals were rescued!

  17. Angell168

    @TheDisasterChick wow! really? 😀 im so glad.

  18. Angell168

    god bless everyone that was there to help.

  19. DuLcENeNa504

    god bless you from new orleans

  20. LeeSmith9595

    I cried 🙁 I always find the animal rescues more touching than the human ones…

  21. carmencru

    tigkat, people like you are making this world a little better everyday :))))

  22. Mausicoco321

    do you know what you can do if a hurricane, flood happend ( not where you are) ?
    If there would i would love to do so?

  23. JennyMercury123

    Thank you SO much!!!!!

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