How to Walk Your Cat on a Leash

Some cats adjust to leash and harness training so you can safely walk them outdoors.’s Pet-Care Advisor Valerie, demonstrates how to walk y…

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33 Responses

  1. Rahaf Alqahtani
    | Reply

    Is that a mancoon? 

  2. Maxine Freeman
    | Reply

    I think its great to walk a cat on a harness, it means they can go to
    places where you wouldn’t normally be able to take them, camping, the
    beach, car/motorbike shows etc. (as I do). If you get them used to it from
    a kitten they’re cool with it. I’m sure my cat Roger would sooner be with
    me than stuck at home on his own, he loves the attention!

  3. Emily BH
    | Reply

    According to Ray Berwick, author of TRAINING YOUR CAT and animal trainer at
    Universal Studios, he says the steps to train your cat to do tricks are: 1)
    Get your cat used to the harness and the leash by letting him or her walk
    around the house dragging the leash. 2) Let your cat take you on a walk
    around the house with you holding the leash and following the cat, 3) Still
    while in the house go for a walk with the cat but at times gently nudge
    the leash to have the cat “sit” or “stay”. If he goes on a lie-down-strike,
    try throwing a treat towards where you want him to walk (like you
    demonstrated in the video) Then try walking with you leading incorporating
    “come” or something to that effect. 4) When the cat has mastered all of
    that, THEN it is time to try it outside where there are no distractions
    like you said. If the cat fails any of the steps go back to the previous
    step.Like you said, keep the sessions short between 5-10 minutes while the
    cat is learning. Do trainings BEFORE meals and reward the cat with a
    HEALTHY treat at the and and during if needed such as a bit of human grade
    raw or cooked meat or fish. Never give a cat a cooked bone. I give my cata
    raw organic buffalo wings with the raw bone which are great for their
    teeth — just like they’d get in Nature. That is a big treat however for
    the end of a good session. In a pinch, roast beef or turkey deli meat works

  4. katie B
    | Reply

    That cat looks sooooooo happy…

  5. LeapingHermes
    | Reply

    *I meant exercise, stupid spell check.

  6. LeapingHermes
    | Reply

    Why so many negative comments? I have taken my cats for walks since I was
    12 years old. When I walk my cats people always stop and say its awesome,
    and compliment it etc. I have to say it gets rather annoying because I’d
    rather just walk my cat in peace so I try to avoid people as much as
    possible. Also if you have an indoor cat and its overweight, then you are
    not a good pet owner, in my opinion. Same for dogs. Get your pets
    excessive, you don’t have to walk them but do something. ~Peace.

  7. tony montana
    | Reply

    who in the hell walks a cat

  8. 2Awesomekids2
    | Reply

    Stevie is ADORABLY ADORABLE!!!:-):-):-)

  9. jay gatsby
    | Reply

    the cat is so sad

  10. Niamh Sweeney
    | Reply

    This is mean

  11. Brotherhood of the Saints
    | Reply

    that is one fluffy cat o.o

  12. skidrowsux1977
    | Reply

    stupid played out joke.

  13. sunlitweb
    | Reply

    Stevie is like the honey badger. Stevie don’t give a s%$# about his toy.
    Stevie don’t care.

  14. Bea Letica
    | Reply

    My cat was so eager to be outside he didn’t object to the leash, kind of
    forgot he had first I let him take a lead, gently pulled a few
    times for him to not go where he hoped-into the woods…I think a short
    walk every few days, even in the fenced yard, is a big treat for a cat and
    we enjoy it too..he knows when we ask him if he wants to go for a walk,
    goes towards the drawer we keep leash in.

  15. MsHaleyDawn
    | Reply

    I can understand leashing a cat for certain situations. Like if you’re on
    vacation and everyone’s outside sitting around. At least a leash lets them
    be outside with everyone else without worrying the cat will run off in an
    unfamiliar area. Or at home and someone who might have adopted a declawed
    cat. A long enough leash for home could let the cat have free roam of the
    backyard while the owner/family is outside as well.

  16. marylin monty
    | Reply

    I did but wen i went down the street she laid on the grass for like 10 min
    so i yugged didnt move but once i pcked her she pooped all over me -.-

  17. 2003danni
    | Reply

    cos its fun :3

  18. samuli hallivuori
    | Reply

    in some places its illegal to have a free cat outside and if its not a very
    safe neighborhood you might not want to give your cat free pass to go
    wherever he wants and also some people are very protective of their cats
    and some cats are not too smart 🙂

  19. 915MONI
    | Reply

    My cat was on his first walk today with his cat leash. Loved it and is even
    feel asleep early.

  20. SheepKing1
    | Reply

    Woooo! go stevie 😀

    | Reply

    A professional on (Terri) recommended this short video for some
    help with getting your cat to walk on a leash.

  22. Bugie78
    | Reply

    Haha yeah I turn a vegetarian because I can’t breath when I eat meat and I
    don’t like how they kill the animals. For crying out loud they debeak
    chickens. :'(. With nothing to sooth the pain. Now THAT is abuse. I heard
    that the chicken is the most abused animal on the planet. That sad. 🙁

  23. Iker Vita
    | Reply

    Wait no he. Pixie I think

  24. rafflesia
    | Reply

    I can believe it, & it is terrible. I have a particular fondness for
    chickens, & would love to have one just as a pet. They’re cool birds, & get
    so little respect. People should at least be humble & thankful to the
    animals that have to give their freaking LIVES just so they can eat one
    stinking meal. If we all had to kill our own food, a LOT more of us would
    be veg, too. :'( The torture that factory-farmed animals have to suffer &
    the way they’re forced to live are almost unthinkably disgusting.

  25. Marc lopes
    | Reply

    impossible for a cat to like harness its synonyme of submission for them…
    you have to learn lots of thing about cats i think… but i cant force YOU
    to respect cat… its your cat… your life , your choice , i just can say
    one thing : learn about what cat like and what they need, they totally dont
    need it… anyway i think i will talk to a wall all the time in this type
    of video…

  26. Bugie78
    | Reply

    wow, hmm if I had to choose which breed between Sheltie or Staffordshire
    Bull Terrier, I would pick the Sheltie. :p. I agree Maltese are adorable,
    how was your Maltese nasty?? What did it do. Yeah some dogs don’t get along
    with cats, my dogs do, but my Border Collie, sometimes gets in a fight with
    my cat(my cat likes to taunt him) But lucky my cat doesn’t get hurt, and I
    was able to put my dog in a serious time out lol

  27. rafflesia
    | Reply

    my animals. I wish we could just let them die of old age and then eat
    what’s left. Think I’d rather be a dairy farmer. My mom tells me that her
    grandma used to have turkeys, but she could never decapitate them herself,
    even for Thanksgiving. I certainly don’t blame her. I wish she were still
    alive, because we had a lot in common! Guess things were different back in
    the day, heh. Your mom probably just doesn’t understand certain things
    about animals & needs a bit of explaining. ^^

  28. rafflesia
    | Reply

    Aww!! =) I love it when they go under the covers!! The Brittany does that
    to my dad a lot, but then he steals much of the blanket ’cause he’s pretty
    big…then he gets overheated and comes back out to lie on top. XD
    Hehehe!!! That’s so cute. My little Beagle is a nipper too. I’d love a
    “dog-like” cat, just as I love my “cat-like” dog. Traveling with them is
    soooo much fun–usually! They’ve been all over the place now; quite
    well-traveled doggies, hehe. I like bringing my animals anywhere I can.

  29. Bugie78
    | Reply

    Wow. Make sense u were confused, if it was new to u. That got to be tough
    to see your mom cry. I know when my Aunt died, my brother was crying hard
    like as if he just lost his fav dog. I know I was the same when my fav
    hamster died, Pogo. That little creature even got in the newspaper for the
    4th of July pet show in my town. And he started out agressive, but with
    lots of handling he became a sweet animal. And I know when my first bird
    died, right after my friend left, I called her in tears 🙁

  30. rafflesia
    | Reply

    Trolling is saying anything just to try and make other people get angry,
    start an argument, etc. Basically it’s “kidding around,” but with a more
    mischievous intent than to simply be funny. And you’re totally right. It
    seems that somebody will try to claim that just about anything is “abuse,”
    when only certain actions really are if you actually use “common” sense and
    think about it. Declawing and starving are definitely harmful and no pet
    owner should do them, but WALKING?? Get real, people. XD

  31. ByronClips
    | Reply

    “How to walk your kitty on a leash” Answer: “don’t”

  32. MsEverybodylovespie
    | Reply

    my naighbors have 2 dogs so i’m afraid to take my cat outside of the house
    but once we went to the store and my cat followed us the whole way there
    and back

  33. Bugie78
    | Reply

    attack is animal behavior yes, but no one wants there cat attack. I live in
    America we get alot of them, I didn’t know u live in a different country. I
    saw a cat outdoor before, when I was in 6th grade, and the cat didn’t run
    he was friendly, and he just let us pet him. All cats are different. My cat
    wants to go outside on walks, she enjoys it. What country? And exactly
    curioustly kills the cats. Some die of poison, from plants, most common hit
    by cars.

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