How to Travel Train Your Cat

► Contrary to some beliefs, it is possible to train a cat to ride stress-free in your car. You can even teach your kitty to ‘do his business’ at rest stops along the way. All it takes to travel train your furry friend is a little patience and a lot of love ✔

► Tips
+ It is much easier if you can start to train your cat when he is still young.
+ Make sure that your harness and leash are right for your cat. If it isn’t, it will add to his/her stress while traveling.
+ Always praise your cat and give him his favorite treat every time he does well. If he does not do well, remember that he is frightened; don’t punish him, but speak calmly and soothingly to him and pet him reassuringly.
+ Once trained, you can take your cat with you on vacations comfortably, and moving will be much smoother as well. Be sure the cat is micro-chipped, though, just in case he runs away!
+ Try not to rush things. Some cats will take to this quickly, while others will take a very long time to lose their fear.
+ When you take your cat in the car, first let your cat walk around the car and sniff everything. Just be careful not to let your cat get under the car seats.
+ Plan your route with a map and find pet friendly hotels along the way and put a seat belt on the caring case ✔

► Warnings
+ A frightened cat can pull out of a cat harness by wrenching his head out of the opening. Never tug the harness forward when walking in front of the cat, or he’ll slip out of it easily.
+ Some cats get carsick. Don’t feed your cat or give him treats until the ride is over. Water is fine. If you’re taking a long trip, try not to feed him during the trip (he won’t starve in a day), or feed him at the beginning of a nice long stop, perhaps when stopping for a meal yourself.
+ Strap the cat carrier in place with the seat belt. If you stop suddenly and it slides off the seat, your cat will be terrified and may regain his fear of cars ✔

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  1. Christopher Sherman
    | Reply

    I already started to take my cat in the car before watching this. He is not vocal when he is outside of the cage. Should I still do the first steps?

  2. Maxwell Eddy
    | Reply

    What do I do if my kitty is a girl?!?!

  3. Vanessa B
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  4. Ken O
    | Reply

    o have. a question what do they do about going to the bathroom well traveling. I want to bring my cat to the park because she's leashed trained today but I am afraid she is just going to hold it all day

  5. Hema Thorat
    | Reply

    that was crispy

  6. Z file Not found
    | Reply

    How did I get here? I was just finding a how cats can time travel, and somehow I'm here. I don't even have a cat!

  7. Lrds Lzd
    | Reply

    Thanks for this video.

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