How To Train Your Rats To Stay Inside Their Playpen!

Hey everyone, this video is something I’ve been wanting to film for quite a while now. Ever since I made my video on how to make a cardboard playpen for rats ( ), I’ve gotten several commenter’s asking how to stop the rats from escaping. Before this video I could only describe how I trained my girls to stay inside the pen and communicate their needs directly to me, but now I have a video explaining the entire process!

This is actually a super simple behavior to train to your rats, but it WILL require quite a bit of time and patience. The key here is to ALWAYS prevent the rat from actually escaping, because as soon as they succeed, they will relentlessly try again in the exact same way. Trust me on this, Berry was literally the Houdini of rats when she was younger (before we trained this method). She NEVER and I mean NEVER forgot a successful escape. When I went on a month long vacation and she didn’t get free-range for than entire month? Nope! The second she got bored on my first day home, she tried the EXACT place she had gotten out well over a month beforehand!

But now that Berry understands my method (and now that I’ve successfully re-directed her many, many, MANY times!) she NEVER tries to escape. Instead, she and the other rats run around and have their fun, then when they finish they’ll jump onto my shoulder and patiently wait for me to put them up.

Anyway, hope this helps anyone facing the same issues I used to have!

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16 Responses

  1. xrayeyesb4u
    | Reply

    I'm really frustrated this isn't working for me

  2. Alivia Wollbrinck
    | Reply

    Love your vids very helpful.

  3. lucy rebecca
    | Reply

    What do you do about a rat who doesn’t want in the playpen at all. One of my girls try’s to get out as soon as I put her in, ive tried many times with lots of different toys, but it’s like she panicks and needs to get out. I don’t want them free roaming anymore because they destroy too much stuff.

  4. Gary Adams GMA
    | Reply

    I always worry that my ear will get biten….

  5. Jenny M
    | Reply

    how do you work with rats that go completely crazy once they see/smell food?
    my boys stop concentrating on anything once they realize there is a treat near

  6. Sara Van Roosbroeck
    | Reply

    I really like the idea of having a way for the rats to communicate something they want, but how do you know the difference between jumping on your shoulder to go back to the cage, or just wanting to hang out on your shoulder? One of my rats likes snuggling in my collar or hood and I enjoy her company, so I dunno if I'd want to teach her the "shoulder means back to the cage"-trick. (Also, mine aren't as tame as yours, so I'm not really training them yet. But with the tips in your video about taming them, I'm sure we'll get there eventually. 🙂 )

  7. Misschief the rat Katherine Sandford
    | Reply

    Hi today was the scariest day of my life misschief got out her cage somehow and claimed on my windowsill and claimed in the Bush but lucky I found her. The reason I'm telling you the is because I wanted to ask how can I stop my rats from opening their cage door

  8. LPS ShortHairTV
    | Reply

    Thank you just got new rats

  9. Cherry The Rat
    | Reply

    Good advice your rats is so cute & very intelligent

  10. LPS ShortHairTV
    | Reply

    Can you do how to train new rats???

  11. John Ernest
    | Reply

    Very smart way to let them communicating with them thank you for such a brilliant idea. As always you seem to understand them so well and I'm sure everyone including me appreciate all of your help! 😊

  12. James Dale
    | Reply

    I don't have any of the little guys, but I hope someday. In the meantime I really enjoy your videos. 🙂 Thank you.

  13. uitjebolsmurf
    | Reply

    My rat actually trained ME to take him back to the cage. He sits on top of the couch and stares at the cage and waits for me to take action. I then crouch down next to the couch, he hops onto my shoulder and lets me take him back ☺
    I like the long curly hair and tie-dye hoody BTW ☺

  14. Anthony Lee
    | Reply

    What you are showing is a good basis for parenting. Consistency is key to teaching good behaviour and self discipline. Easier said than done though.

  15. Cookies Channel
    | Reply

    Hello I bought a rat not looking she was much more and not going right with my 2 rat. I do? Help plz.

  16. David S.
    | Reply

    Very cool. I love the concept of them being able to communicate.

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