How to train your rat its name

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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46 Responses

  1. Hope Coutant
    | Reply

    Don’t make assumptions about things you don’t know about.

  2. Patrik Kiss
    | Reply

    Can he go down to the bedding area? Please cover the vire with something like plastic or some blankets. It can cause bumble-foot for them. But it’s a good video, your rat is really cute and smart. 🙂

  3. ShadowUmbreon257
    | Reply

    try scooping him up instead of grabing him from behind he might trust you even more

  4. TheBoydude101
    | Reply

    Where did you buy the cage? Please tell me!

  5. Jamee Bjerk
    | Reply

    i have a aquarium….. but my rat oreo is doing very well at coming to my hand sometimes i entice her with nuts to get her out of her hut

  6. Lpsdreamflight
    | Reply

    wow you should really learn more before you make a comment like that

  7. Alan Fisher
    | Reply

    I have mine in a Bird/Rodent cage wit a removable grate in the bottom.
    Grate has never seen rattie feet.

  8. Alan Fisher
    | Reply

    She is so wrong, Rats, Just like cats and dogs understand tone.
    And they always want food due to their high metabolism.
    They get used to the noise and relate it to food.
    Nothing more.
    Nice try tho 😉

  9. BardGriffin
    | Reply

    Great video Chloe! Keep up the good work!


  10. Trường Thịnh
    | Reply

    i don’t no 🙁

  11. Alivia Neuberger
    | Reply

    Haha I named my rat marley too! My other one is named fizz

  12. karenfdais
    | Reply

    Your rat is soooo cute

  13. ninjaPanda45
    | Reply

    PLEASE get a plastic bottom for your cage, your rat can get bumblefoot

  14. bella heartly
    | Reply

    good job at doing this ill try his when i get my rat

  15. mark caine
    | Reply

    Its better to go to the other side of the room then call his name without patting your knees, the rat could be just responding to the pattering of your knees and not the calling of his name.

  16. Shae Mcguire
    | Reply

    That’s stupid, he already comes out of the cage BEFORE you say his name..

  17. MarleeMariex3
    | Reply

    My name is Marlee o.O

  18. Talia Fay
    | Reply

    hammies suck

  19. Talia Fay
    | Reply

    never put bars at the bottom of the cage.

    | Reply

    Dude, one does not simply pronounce your username

  21. hajdhfuyccd1632
    | Reply

    my hamsters make me 20 dollars per baby. and one of my females has had 24 in a litter.

  22. hajdhfuyccd1632
    | Reply

    curly is a really sweet little guy:) no wire bars. i am allowed to bring my pet rsts and hamsters to school. but i work at a petstore that pays me in supplies. so i can afford to have a huge cage and to clean there bedding 2a week. also i own 13syrian hamsters

  23. hajdhfuyccd1632
    | Reply

    i have a hairless rat named curly.

  24. Keely Mathers
    | Reply

    okay(: i have a massive bed. They’ll love it.

  25. regurii
    | Reply

    I doubt even a cat would attack right away! Instead of letting them roam the room (if you can’t cover the door with some fence, it sells really cheap at construction stores!) you can just have them on the desk or bed 🙂 I even let mine run on my shoulders as my cat is in the room. (He reaaaally wants to eat them, he’s very predatory) but he won’t attack. Even if your cat does manage to come in sweeping him/her up and putting him/her outside again probably won’t be a problem! ^^

  26. Keely Mathers
    | Reply

    I think its temporary. I have a local petstore that sells cages a little bit more expensive….anything for my rats! and, Im really worried about letting them roam my room. I have a cat and 3 dogs. if one got out from under my door ide freak…i also have LOTS of little cravaces in my room a rat ould get into and not get out of. I’m thinking of redesigning my room….around my rats. 🙂

  27. regurii
    | Reply

    It can always be a temporary cage until you can afford a bigger one! It won’t hurt them if they stay in it a while, but since they’ll hopefully be staying with you for 2-3 years it’d be nice to updrade when you can C: Be sure to let them run around a lot in the room or on furniture when they have the smaller cage though so they won’t get any agressive or problematic behaviour ^^

  28. Keely Mathers
    | Reply

    thanks(: i cant afford major cage changes, ill have to work with what i got. im getting two females(:

  29. regurii
    | Reply

    Also, you’ll have to clean once a week for either gender. I’ve never had males but I’ve seen many and most seem to be more lazy and cuddly than females. My girls are really active and likes to play/run around on you. I’d recommend searching for the ‘fury xl’ and ‘fury tower’ cages for size comparision! ‘fury xl’ fits wonderful for 2 rats, anything under that would make me personally uncomfortable, especially for young rats! Wheter they are what you want will depend on how you raise them 🙂

  30. regurii
    | Reply

    Is it great on the height? I personally wouldn’t use an aquarium since it’s hard to find one with a proper height (though the cage top might help you out on this?) Still wouldn’t though, it seems like a real hassle to clean… I have a 40 gallon aquarium and it’s not suitable on lenght/width at all. If you’re worried about cleaning also getting a bigger cage works, with one that you can pull out the bottom from. Males – likes to cuddle (gets fatter faster hah) Females – active and likes to play.

  31. Keely Mathers
    | Reply

    whats better…2 female rats, or 2 male rats? I have a 29 gallon aquarium with a cage topper on it. i plan on litter training. how often will i have to clean the cage for each gender? i want a rat thats bot fun, affectionate, and even cuddly.

  32. Henry Barron
    | Reply

    I know I am a good person : P

  33. halorocksjt
    | Reply

    Douse it work on mice to

  34. Martin Mas
    | Reply

    I dont think stroking rats helps, rat’s braing only works with food ahahah

  35. wannaknowit
    | Reply

    thanks a lot for the info:) I always learn something useful here:))

  36. Kara Mason
    | Reply

    Yeah, like bars :3 The plastic ones are better. I hope this has helped you 😀

  37. wannaknowit
    | Reply

    Oh…I see:)) A wire wheel is the one with holes on it?

  38. Kara Mason
    | Reply

    Umm… I’m not a rat expert or anything like that, I just own rats so I’ve done a little research in the past. But I have a cage similar to the one in the video so I would assume it’s perfectly fine; they have great balance so probably wouldn’t trip or hurt themselves easily. =]
    The only thing I have heard of before is that it’s not good to have a wire wheel, as their tails may get caught.

  39. wannaknowit
    | Reply

    Hi! Is it possible that the rat breaks her / his leg in a cage like this?(Maybe her/ his leg gets stuck in there when walking/ running)? Is it the appropriate cage for a rat?

  40. WitewolfEID
    | Reply

    Anyway people!! No one starts out pro at anything, so there is no reason to be rude. Chloe, thank you for the video. Nice job! Rats should have a companion, but it doesn’t mean it will fall over dead from depression. Try to keep an increased interaction with the rat to help ease possible loneliness. Keep up the love, care, and education on them and you will be fine. Thanks again for the video. Don’t let anyone get you down. Nice work!

  41. Derek Gibson
    | Reply

    or it thinks come marly means get food

  42. StaleMilkyway
    | Reply

    Oh no, in most of the good pet shops, you cannot buy 1 rat without proof that you have another at home. It’s very important to have more than one rat because they are very social animals and need a friend. Please explain that to your mom!

  43. Maddy Borden
    | Reply

    Your rat can also learns it’s name without food..they are very intelligent, on another note..your cage is not very rat-safe..and your rat is probably lonely because I’m guessing you do not play with it/give it attention during its nocturnal active hours and it has no ‘friend’/ cagemate. This is not a goldfish, it needs more care than food.

  44. Renna Larson
    | Reply

    Um you have a treat and the rat can smell that!

  45. Kara Mason
    | Reply

    Oh goodness, you really should have got at least two rats to begin with, did the store not tell you this? They are very sociable animals and will get lonely/depressed if they are by themselves :c

  46. Linda Hood
    | Reply

    and that mesh wheel leavw your rats feet and tail vonerable there feet might get caught same with the tail and it can cause injuries

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