How To Train Your Puppy to STOP BITING You! 3 Things That WILL Work!

How to train a puppy to stop biting! Things like biting and potty training can be super challenging! Let PupBox (and my videos) help! PupBox sponsored this video! Go to and enter discount code “ZAK” to get 50% off of your first PupBox when you sign up for a multi-month subscription!

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13 Responses

  1. Ny'zjriona Allen
    | Reply

    He kinda favors the dude that plays josh in young and hungry

  2. Sarah Lawley
    | Reply

    He's SO CUTE!!!!!!

  3. Sarah Lawley
    | Reply

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!😃😃😃👍 to Linus!

  4. sticky mil
    | Reply

    HELP we just got a new puppy a wile ago and he never stop biting and Super Hyper

  5. Amelia Qu
    | Reply

    9:26 I'm a kid tho….I take all responsibility of my dog cause I wanted him

  6. Joy DeWald
    | Reply

    Hello Zak! Ok, so I have been looking for some videos on dog dominance, but not finding a lot of info. I really need help with my dogs. My dog (Xena- female German shepherd) is a very kind hearted playful female. We have some friends out of the country for a while and needed some help with their male German Shepherd. We volunteered to help keep him. However he is behaving like a bully towards my female. He isn’t aggressive per say, just bossy and controlling. He takes toys away from her, he tries to get her food (but I feed them separately) his presence even is making my dog not act like herself and want to cower. When she gets attention he comes over to make sure he is the only one getting attention. She is very sensitive and does what ever he wants. How can I work with them? I am at a loss. He has spent a lot of time with other dogs and has been conditioned to do everything he can to get all the attention, but I really just miss my happy go lucky Xena.

  7. Tim Bryant
    | Reply

    Hey this is a person and my sister wants a puppy Tipton saint Nicolas and she's been watching your videos for information so she can train her puppy!

  8. Jessica Faulcon
    | Reply

    My dog will NOT stop biting, she’s 10 weeks and reallllllly energetic. I’m trying so hard to stick to it but she’s so bad 😭 I dont blame her, but i feel like I’m failing as a trainer. I’ve tried everything.

  9. Mariette Diaa
    | Reply

    Can you teach us how to make him sit because I can't teach my dog

  10. mikefromtx
    | Reply

    Do you have a video or can you do a video about getting a puppy to stop biting older dog? Please it’s creating a ton of stress at my house.

  11. Laura Magana
    | Reply

    I have a 2 year old pit bull, my son was wrestling with him and he snapped at him and bite his lip. Is that normal behavior for dogs or is this a sign of aggression?

  12. Surya Boss
    | Reply

    When i tried to give something for eat..she bite my fingers aggresivly….i cant teach her like u…what should i have do?? me please

  13. Sharon Eckert
    | Reply

    I got two puppies from a rescue just over a month ago, the one had Parvo and so for the last month has been getting better and dealing with some complications. He is almost healed. Our girl (7 months) is very submissive with all dogs but with him (5 months) plays extremely rough (not sure if this was because he was away for almost 2 weeks and she became territorial?). Even using food to distract them sometimes doesn't work and I end up picking her up and putting her outside for a few minutes at a time (sometimes this takes 3 or 4 attempts) for her to calm down. Any videos of yours that I can watch that will help with this as I am worried when they are left alone that she will hurt him.

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