How to Train your Puppy to SIT Lay Down and Stop Biting Train your Dog

Please Subscribe 2nd Channel How to teach your puppy or adult dog to sit lay down, and stop biting. These are th…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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41 Responses

  1. PrincessPawz148
    | Reply

    I really like your videos! Very fun to watch and helpful I subbed :)

  2. Lexa Reeb
    | Reply

    you should do how to teach your dog to hunt

  3. Claire West
    | Reply

    Teach Memphis to shake with her paw

  4. Pinklovebunny 123
    | Reply

    And i don’t have to tell my dog to lay down

  5. Aurora Apocolypta
    | Reply

    could you teach her crawl??

  6. TBCanimation
    | Reply

    i just tried the yip thing with my puppy zora and she stopped immidently ;d
    shes a really high engery dog and she dose use her mouth to bite a bit, but
    she’s teething. ;d your really clear on it, she has sit down, but when I
    feed her she tends to go wild after searching for the food, so I tried to
    do a training session right after I feed her, I also have to place her food
    on the ground other wise she eats it too fast, but even with the game, she
    dose gobble it down but keep in mind she has eight brother and sisters
    before any tips with the food? :d 

  7. Hee Seo Kim
    | Reply


  8. PetVideos
    | Reply

    Did memphis shed her fur she looks skinny lol

  9. Lidia Cruz
    | Reply

    Your Advice work my dog knows how to sit now and lie down :)

  10. mike koina
    | Reply

    You should teach her how to play dead

  11. Meaghan Eppenstein
    | Reply

    How to kiss

  12. Nick Dean
    | Reply


  13. ferrizaldo gamboa
    | Reply

    And she is not a full dog! Only she is a good girl no cats

  14. Madonna Comise
    | Reply

    shake or roll over or play dead my dogs know how to do these tricks

  15. oski ratinoff
    | Reply

    play dead

  16. Gabriel Napier
    | Reply

    Train her to play fetch

  17. gglipscombusmc
    | Reply

    Train her how ti roll over …..that is if you haven’t already…^_^

  18. galilea cantu
    | Reply

    My dogs are doing good!

  19. Erika loves Reborns
    | Reply

    my dog is doing good

  20. isaac kilgore
    | Reply

    I have two little beagles ,and there puppies and I was wondering if you
    could help me to make them sit. Because they just don’t I use my hand and
    they still don’t so could you please help me? thanks!!

  21. AngelDoee P
    | Reply

    I’ve watched this a couple times already because I am planning on buying a
    husky pup this year. I have trained numerous dogs, but huskies are very
    different so I’m told. Plus, it’s always good to have a refresher course.
    I’d love to see Memphis learn roll over or crawl. :)

  22. Kylee Groft
    | Reply

    i want a siberian husky but my mom wont let me

  23. Dawn Turpin
    | Reply

    Thanks for the tips, I have 3 huskies and we adopted 2 of them and they
    know how to sit, but Niko needs to learn how to lay or get down lol so
    thanks I will try this. I just got a new husky (my first pup) last Friday
    and she is 11 weeks old now. I watched your potty training video and I
    have always been taught to swat them with a news paper if they have an
    accicent, so I guess this doesn’t work? 

  24. Tammy Osborne
    | Reply

    How did you get shilow.

  25. Kassem Hajjoul
    | Reply


  26. Chris Matar
    | Reply

    Do u continue training her with treats for the rest of her life or later
    she will get used to the word sit and she will just do it when u ask her

  27. Maria Garza
    | Reply

    My puppy baily is just like your dog Memphis.

  28. Daria McCrann
    | Reply

    Aww she is only a puppy now she is a full dog xx :)

  29. kirisitettah
    | Reply

    At what month should you start teaching a siberian husky?

  30. Joy Lin
    | Reply

    My dog thought you barked when you squealed 

  31. Gone to the Snow Dogs
    | Reply

    How to Train your Puppy to SIT Lay Down and Stop Biting Train your Dog

  32. ferrizaldo gamboa
    | Reply

    She is not A bad she is a good girl

  33. Stinky GamingVids
    | Reply

    Where did you get your puppies

  34. Yuntao Yang
    | Reply

    3:08 High five! Memphis is so funny.

  35. Gone to the Snow Dogs
    | Reply


  36. Gone to the Snow Dogs
    | Reply


  37. Aaryn Boyd
    | Reply

    They need to know the meaning first. It’s like teaching a baby how to speak
    and what it means. We all know animals aren’t stupid, but we need to teach
    them how to understand normal things. But yes, as soon as we teach them the
    commands, we praise and talk to them normally.

  38. F1nnPl4ys
    | Reply

    Can you teach her “Roll Over” trick? I would love to see her do that! 🙂

  39. Kuro emonncl
    | Reply

    Play dead

  40. Erika
    | Reply

    Teach her to beg or spin around that’s what I’m teaching my dogs

  41. Gone to the Snow Dogs
    | Reply

    Stay is a hard one!

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