How To Train Your Puppy To Listen EVERYWHERE in 3 EASY Steps

How to train your puppy to walk on leash around distractions! This video is sponsored by PupBox! PupBox sponsored this video! Go to and enter discount code “ZAK” to get 50% off of your first PupBox when you sign up for a 3,6, or 12 month subscription!

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10 Responses

  1. Carnage K09
    | Reply

    Hey Zak. I have a dog that is chewing everything insight from shoe to furniture. Wondering if you might be able to so a vid on this. She is a lab x rotti and is 9 months old

  2. pcbrightlights
    | Reply

    Unfortunately items are not available in Canada

  3. Jill
    | Reply

    Could you make a video on getting my dog OFF potty bells? She learned the bells very quickly and she constantly rings when she just wants to play. I've been working on teaching her that they are only for potty, but it has gotten to the point where if we are somewhere other than home, she gives no indication that she has to go and just pees at the door. This is very frustrating as she never has accidents at home, and I'm starting to think that my dog is not properly potty trained.

  4. Hemon Kumar
    | Reply

    Hi Zak. I am from India and live in a village. i want a dog so i was thinking about getting a German Shepard. I don't own any dog in past. Should I buy German Shepard. If yes then what age of i should buy and if no than which one i should buy..

  5. Rotty Cotty
    | Reply

    My puppy is not food motivated. So she does not really listen when we go out. Another problem is that she is super friendly, so she gets very easily distracted whenever a person passes by. What should I do?

  6. Matias Muller
    | Reply

    I think your shoes were more distracting than the locations – dog

  7. Kaia Silo
    | Reply

    Y’all really need to stop with the complaining abt Zak’s sponsors. I’m sure YouTube is a big portion of his outcome and sometimes AdSense just doesn’t cut it. When you watch TV there is just as much, and if not even more, ads than on Zak’s channel. He uploads once a week CONSISTENTLY, which if you didn’t know, is very hard and time consuming. If anything, you should be grateful that you can watch these VERY helpful videos for FREE. For free!! He isn’t charging a cent! Please, step out of your shoes and look at things from his perspective. Thanks 4 comin 2 my TedTalk

  8. beerprayer
    | Reply

    Hey Zak! Would it be possible for you to do a video on training dogs in a shelter environment? Dogs who are better trained tend to get adopted a lot faster. The video could also help get more volunteers into shelters which improves their quality of life! You could also have a segment which would be how to train your shelter dog/what to expect when getting a brand new dog home from a shelter. If you had something like that I would imagine it would mean a lot less animals would be brought back to shelters as well! I hope you consider this idea!

  9. Nina Talks
    | Reply

    Dude… I need help please.. LoL. I got a new puppy, and I already have two other older dogs who are seniors… I need to know how to keep my puppy in line, and not go chasing/ charging at them when he wants to play because my other dogs are small dogs and he is a lab… And he doesn't know his own strength. I also need to know how to correct separation anxiety… I have had this puppy for 3 weeks and he is 11 weeks old and the only solution I can find when I have to leave the house and leave the dogs home alone as of right now is crate training him. The other two are not crate trained and it's not fair to him so I would prefer not to have to do that if I don't have to. I would love to see a video where you introduce a new puppy into a pack. He does listen really well on the "leave it" command but I can still use any help in any advice you can give me and by the way I love your videos.

  10. Tiana R.
    | Reply

    Y’all make it seem/sound so easy to train a puppy! I’m a first time puppy owner and I’ve been so overwhelmed that I almost broke down crying at my local PetSmart when asking for help lol

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