How to Train Your Puppy 8 Things in 7 Days! (STOP Puppy Biting, Come, Stay… )

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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50 Responses

  1. Marco Tomas
    | Reply

    Is it OK for a puppy to socialize with a adult dog?

  2. Saleka Chang
    | Reply

    Hey zak,
    I have. Shiha inu too, he’s 3 months old almost 4 months. We got him from
    someone that live like in the farm area and he loves to be outside and play
    a lot. It’s hard to take him out and do potty cause he’s always playing
    around in the snow. We want to know what we can do to take him go potty
    without having him be while all the time and playing. Wee want him to be a
    inside dog and not a outside dog. And another thing, He’s afraid of
    everything. Like eating, bathing and letting us touch him and play with
    him. He’s pretty much scared of the whole world, how can I stop him from
    being scared? And how can I make him learn his own name and call him to
    come home? He has everything he pretty much need too, but he always chew on
    my daughter toys and everything he can get his hands on. All the things I
    try doesn’t seem to work on him what can I do? I need serious help.

  3. Ariana B
    | Reply

    Dog=Perro ;D

  4. toanpl
    | Reply

    Dog in norwegian is Hund.

  5. Jessica S
    | Reply

    My dog when she goes outside will go off and pick up a stick and run when
    ever she is off leash (and we have 4 palm trees in the back so I can not
    pick up every stick.) Do you have any tips

  6. Jesse Carney
    | Reply

    I just got 2 labrador retrieiver puppys. 8 weeks old. should i keep them in
    the same large kennel or get 2 smaller kennels for each?

  7. djfluff09
    | Reply

    Woh. Such cute. Much doge. Much wow

  8. Razvan Gheoca
    | Reply

    in my country the dog is called “câine”

  9. Nell Moloney
    | Reply

    Im getting a bichon frise in a few days 😀 going to use his tips! Wish me
    luck! Ps: what should i name my puppy its going to be a girl btw!! I was
    thinking Pippin..

  10. Greg Gauci
    | Reply

    Has he done a video with a west highland white?

  11. jan einar Johansen
    | Reply

    In my language dog is “Hund”
    Btw in swedish

  12. mutalisklover
    | Reply

    Shiba Inu?
    wow, such doge, so traiin, amazign puipi

  13. lipstickgirl969
    | Reply

    From a brand new puppy mom, thank you so much for your videos! 

  14. Ari Oxalis
    | Reply


  15. steven keene
    | Reply

    Hi Zak George , First of all i like your video’s very much !

    We just picked up a little border collie puppy 10 weeks old , we already
    have a BC who is 1 year old and from the beginning everything seems working
    out pretty good.
    1 thing that i saw is that they like to bite in each others mouth , i never
    had 2 dogs so i am not sure what this means ?
    The puppy shows his top teeth and bits pretty hard in my opinion 🙂
    The older one puts his paw on the puppy and push him on the ground and
    bites in his little legs 😀 ?

    Is this all normal behavior between dogs ?

  16. Q Jin
    | Reply

    I have a 5months white shepherd and she just started to herd my guests all
    the time. she walks in circle around them and bark at them whenever they
    move around. When I tell her no she stops but a few minutes later if
    someone stands up and walk around she starts again. How to make her
    understand that she just can’t herd people.

  17. David Chong
    | Reply

    actually one of my dogs tips the garbage can over and starts digging
    through it whenever we leave the house. i was wondering if you could make a
    video on that

  18. Suzi S.
    | Reply

    Have a 7 month old blue heeler, dane, lab mix(Ryley). We’ve been through 2
    sessions of classes, puppy class and basics. She has learned a great deal
    and has been good for socialization. But we are still having separation
    anxiety issues even with the confidence boost the classes have give her.
    She has and older sibling 6 year old newfoundland, duck toller mix(River),
    and 4 cats(Simon, Inara, Malcolm, and Hobie) in the house, so she’s really
    never left alone. Yet when I do have to leave her and she is put into her
    crate all she seems to do is whine and pace until she works herself into a
    bit of a tizzy and either pees, poohs or both in her crate, and then of
    course continues to pace through it. Not sure what to do ! It didn’t start
    immediately when I got her, and I had kind of hoped as she got older maybe
    she’d grow out of it.

  19. SoniaVlogz
    | Reply

    Thank you for helping me ❤️

  20. LoveOlderWomen
    | Reply

    he has a crooked tail?

  21. Nikte Chuun ka'an
    | Reply

    May be a little out there, but dog in Spanish is “Perro”, some people call
    them “Chulo”, “Chulillo”, “Can”, but those are slang or formal uses of the
    word :D

  22. Maitree Mukherjee
    | Reply

    great video .. its helpful for me … thanks a lot

  23. Lee Jungie
    | Reply

    I want to train my puppies how take something for me, like throwing a

  24. Kamila Cullen
    | Reply

    My dog keeps pulling on the leash, how do I stop it? 

  25. Brittni Kristine
    | Reply

    How funny! I just got a shiba inu puppy as well :p she’s super bright so
    far. I taught her her name, how to sit and how to stay in a day. Tomorrow
    we learn how to lie down and how to come when called. I’ve never trained a
    dog before so it’s been a really great experience! 

  26. Veronica Flores
    | Reply

    First time seeing your video and I have to say it was very helpful since I
    just got a puppy and she uses her teeth so much! Bites everything! I
    definitely had to subscribe for more future videos. Thank you! 

  27. Kathleen Walden
    | Reply

    I think you are great! Thank you for these helpful videos. I’m getting a
    new puppy. Sadly my best friend of 16 years, Chloe, Parsons Russell passed
    away several months ago and I miss her so much. I need a refresher on dog
    training. It’s been a while. Thanks again.

  28. Noe Padilla
    | Reply

    Hey I’m just about to get a pit bull puppy and I was wondering if it would
    be the wrong choice to make, me and my wife work Monday through Friday, and
    are at work for 12 hours. If the puppy is home alone for that amount of
    time would it affect it in anyway?

  29. coloredrose1988
    | Reply

    oh boy, i am getting two puppies a border collie and a german sheperd i
    will have alot of work ahead of me, what a great video’s!

  30. Miki g
    | Reply

    When and how do u bathe your puppie

  31. Alyssa cruz
    | Reply

    have you ever trained deaf or partially blind dogs? I recently adopted a 1
    year old blue heeler and she’s deaf and blind in one eye. she knows sit and
    down but I am having some problems with her barking non stop and of course
    the biting. 

  32. linda dewick
    | Reply

    my min pin puppy is happy to go in her kennel when i crate her because im
    going out, but she cries like a baby. when i get back she is asleep. then
    she starts crying again while i let her out of her crate, and is so happy
    to see me will wriggle back and forth and jump and lick me. she is not
    destructive then. i let her out to go pee. when she comes back in sometimes
    shell look me in the eye and pee on the carpet. help

  33. Alex Shanks
    | Reply

    Can you do an indepth video on separation anxiety? Or maybe you already
    have one?

  34. Brielle Espinal
    | Reply

    my puppy cant do it right now because shes sleeping

  35. Jemma Kennedy
    | Reply

    In Irish dog is mádra (pronounced modra)

  36. Montabriel
    | Reply

    Your video editing has gotten superb! And that shiba inu was beyond
    adorable. Great vid =)

  37. Joy Victory
    | Reply

    Great video, Zak! Loving the puppy videos

  38. Alby Joseph
    | Reply

    When I first got my dog, I left the house to buy some more toys so I put
    her in an exercise pen. When I came back the garbage was on the floor, and
    it was a mess. When I looked at the pen, she wasn’t there. When I looked at
    it, the door was open. I forgot to close the door for the exercise pen.. 

  39. naranica irma
    | Reply

    so faster when you talk about training

  40. Barbara McWha
    | Reply

    Excellent video as always!

  41. Alanis N
    | Reply


  42. Lee Jungie
    | Reply

    but my puppies are smaller than that one =_=

  43. Katers M.
    | Reply

    such a cute puppy ^.^

  44. Evernessa Neverlessa
    | Reply

    I have a Shi Chi puppy, he’s about 8 weeks old. He loves me, and will not
    listen to anyone else. But as rewarding is that is, he also thinks it’s
    okay to scream when I’m not there. He bites like this puppy does, and has
    separation anxiety. I think it’s because he was taken from the mother at
    only 6 weeks. 🙁 Poor little guy. I’m going to start working with him using
    the tools you have provided. ^_^ Thanks! 

  45. Gary Beharrie
    | Reply

    hond (said: Horn-t (quick t) ) – afrikaans – south africa

  46. Leah Mann
    | Reply

    You can train your dog when you take him or her out for a walk and see the
    way your family as well as your friends impress at how great your pet is.

  47. Care Bear Media
    | Reply

    I live in Japan and I have a ‘Kishu-Inu’, Similar to a Shiba, but a little
    larger. My wife and I are working on stopping her biting. We do the same
    thing with food when she gets out of hand and just work on petting and
    sitting. Also when feeding her, we place her bowl down and have her sit for
    about 3 -5 seconds then let her get to her food. Very smart dogs! Is there
    anything extra to help stop the biting? Kishu-Inu is very similar to
    Shiba-Inu. sharp teeth and gets wound up!

  48. D.Golden Films
    | Reply

    i have a 6 week old chihuahua and im trying to potty train him

  49. ZZCuber
    | Reply

    Thumbs up if you don’t have a dog!

  50. MsFredwina
    | Reply

    I need a video on how to get my dog to stop barking. He seems to do it for
    no reason.

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