How to Train your Puppy 6 Tricks in 1 Day!

Train your Puppy Tricks like roll over, speak, shake and more in 1 day! This video is sponsored by Pupford!  CLICK HERE to get your Training Starter Pack!! CLICK HERE to sign up for my FREE 30 Day Perfect Pup Digital Dog Training Course:

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17 Responses

  1. Vaibhav Maheshwari
    | Reply

    Wasting time

  2. Norma
    | Reply

    Wow, very impressive. I am getting my Golden Doodle boy Feb. 16, 2019. He will be 8 weeks old and I am so excited!!!. Definitely will be watching more of your videos. Thank you for sharing.

  3. North AO
    | Reply

    Him: a lot of dogs don’t like to roll over on their back

    Me: my 5 month old dog rolls on her back 24/7

  4. Tom Hall
    | Reply

    What type of dog is this?

  5. Horse and Pony lover
    | Reply

    I watched your video on how to teach year dog to shake and it worked so well!😀 It took about 15 mins!!😆

  6. DamlaArcher
    | Reply

    Sorry but all I see in these videos is ads ads and more ads. I literally just searched for "how to block a channel on Youtube". If anybody knows a way to do it, please tell me. I can't get to the actual useful information because of this channel!!

  7. Amy Sgh
    | Reply

    Did you know how they train police dogs? If they do it rigth the dog Get to run after a ball

  8. baby toys
    | Reply

    my dog doesnt know anything because i dont even have one and a puppy i was dreaming of was a brown pomerian puppy

  9. med'o Fagava
    | Reply

    You are hero wow its like me 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍you are my lovely!

  10. Dragonet
    | Reply

    When you train your dog you shouldn't be more calm ?

  11. awd dwaawd
    | Reply

    My grandma has a puppy pitbull and i can only go over there maybe once or twice a day but if not i go any day i can sense its gonna be the weekend i can go for about 2 days

    Is there anyway i can do these quick or will it take time.

  12. Horse. Horses.
    | Reply

    I dont have a dog😭 Ive been asking for one for so long. I really want a collie they are so adorable.

  13. EastWonder
    | Reply

    I just got a golden doodle today!!!

  14. Jewel Pie66
    | Reply

    Thank you so much! My puppy couldnt do speak, surprisingly because she is half beagle but she got spin so fast! Thanks this really helped!

  15. Jung Shook
    | Reply

    I think my dog is genius he learns a trick so fast

  16. Seren Dixon
    | Reply

    These videos are helping so much! I got my dog on Monday night, it’s Wednesday and he’s already getting the hang of pooping and peeing outside and he’s almost mastered his sit!!

  17. kai Degiavani
    | Reply

    My pup is 13 weeks tomoro. She already knows kiss,sit,dance,give paw, laydown, and roll over but with lay down and roll over im having trouble with just the comand shes only doing it with the lure still not with the command. What can i do ?

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