How To Train Your Pet Hamster

A video tutorial on How To Train Your Pet Hamster that will improve your hamsters skills. Learn how to get good at hamsters from Videojug’s hand-picked professional experts.

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30 Responses

  1. Sophie Henry
    | Reply

    hi could you please fill out my survey on hamster and rat training for my school project?
    Thank you :)

  2. Hennessylove 21
    | Reply

    that was very helpful can you keep 2 dwarf hamsters in a regular cage?

  3. snokoan2
    | Reply

    Aka master come your tits down fool I bet a hamster is smarter then u hell even a monkey is smarter and better looking then you are u sack of shit also you a try hard wannabe in building muscle ha stupid little ass bitch

  4. anthony wallace
    | Reply

    Do you have an email if you do need it

  5. Pet Power
    | Reply

    How do you take your hamster on holler day and back

  6. LPSJulianna
    | Reply

    I've got 2 hamsters, Nico and Bianca (Percy Jackson) Nico is just over 3 months old and bianca is 6 weeks old. Both Syrian hamsters. And they're in separate cages.. Nico won't stay still at all…. I haven't tried training bianca yet, because I got her Saturday and they told me o leave her for 48 hours. 🙂 

  7. Soo Loh
    | Reply

    I wish I had some treats.:(

  8. peanut butter 26
    | Reply

    not that hard 

  9. nat mankowski
    | Reply

    What is so appealing about hamsters??. Someone please explain!!!

  10. Scooters FTW
    | Reply

    Its scary thats shes in front of a surgery office

  11. Erica Tan
    | Reply

    i don't even need to train it! It just goes into the cage itself… Does it really hates me so much?!? O.o

  12. FluX TuRtLeZ OG
    | Reply

    Mine frendly ive had mine 1 day

  13. zaia rel
    | Reply

    usually they are overrated as pets cuz they are easy to take care of…..
    horse's are hard to take care so they didnt overrated it as pets
    they are not stupid , you can teach them
    i tought mine like this (1st i put food in their cage at the center and i just knock 2x they wake up and came running to the food)
    Some are not cute,yes they are intelligent
    they are blind so they always do is sleep they use their nose to smell food
    and ears to hear if there is an intruder….

  14. MRmodgey
    | Reply

    kinda :D

  15. akamaster09
    | Reply

    lmfao, u mad? 

  16. MRmodgey
    | Reply

    next time time don't reply a week ago stfu fuck u

  17. akamaster09
    | Reply

    so because I have a picture of myself im a douche bag lol? what if I was fat and took a picture, would I still be a douche bag? just because my physique is above average and I show it doesn't make me a douchebag. YOU DUMB FUCKING BITCH. that sentence would make me a douch bag, get it? u degenerate fuck.

  18. etoy kalbo
    | Reply

    thanks 😀

  19. MRmodgey
    | Reply

    mine was able to type hi on my computer*

  20. MRmodgey
    | Reply

    you must be another illiterate adult going through videos which they don't understand and typing in stupid comments. oh and by the illiteracy and your picture you must be a douchebag!

  21. MRmodgey
    | Reply


  22. MRmodgey
    | Reply

    hamster are pretty smart my hamster was able to type the word hi on my computer

  23. Radishes And Rabbits
    | Reply

    I love this video!

  24. Melody Duong
    | Reply

    Shut up you are too annoying

  25. Beatrice Betty
    | Reply

    THIS IS NOT TEACHING ME HOW TO TRAIN MY HAMSTER!!!!!!!!!! NIBBLES NEEDS A PROFESSIONAL!!!!!!!!! NOT YOU!!!!!!!!!! jk i love this video! nibbles will learn well!!!

  26. Frank Arrogante
    | Reply

    what the crap you can't even spell right!

  27. akamaster09
    | Reply

    i sound stupid? hmm dint know you could hear me through a computer you DUMB FUCK.

  28. Metsada007
    | Reply

    you sound more stupid than a hamster to me.

  29. Jessica Babe
    | Reply

    Gosh jojob rosendo!!! I know that comment that he/she made was rotten sick and just plain mean and should be kept to she/he self but its best to just say nothing and keep it to yourself

  30. iiMa Bush
    | Reply

    He probably treated his hamster very poorly so his hamster never obeys him ^-^

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