How to Train your Pet Hamster Tricks

I hope you all enjoyed this video! Sorry for not making a video in a month! I’ve been really busy and I’ve had an awful cold! Talk to you guys all soon! :D.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

29 Responses

  1. mcbabydoll13
    | Reply

    In the beginning she holds her rong´╗┐ she yanks her she’s gonna choke

  2. Damien Golding
    | Reply

    The hamster just followed´╗┐ the seed.

  3. StaticJack77
    | Reply

    14? DVD´╗┐ d scars

  4. neta kaplan
    | Reply

    There is´╗┐ a certain type of hamsters are easier to train?

  5. Robert Smith
    | Reply

    im 13 too can you guys visit my channel plzzzz!!!!!´╗┐ I do hamster videos too!!!!

  6. Tom Bowker
    | Reply

    You said for a trick for a treat…´╗┐

  7. kyfo89
    | Reply

    Coconut is so like my long-haired syrian, Monkey – behaves´╗┐ and looks pretty similar only Monkey is lighter with a ginger face.

  8. Carlee Duplessis
    | Reply

    What did u give her shes soo hipper´╗┐

  9. Rockin' Hammy
    | Reply

    Wow cocoa is so hyper´╗┐ ­čśÇ

  10. Jose Perea
    | Reply

    how do u train´╗┐ dragons

  11. AlanaandFriends1
    | Reply

    lol trying to talk coconut tryin´╗┐ to run away ­čÖé im twelve, lookin for advice for my hamster zeus ­čÖé

  12. imxofly
    | Reply

    Your´╗┐ voice is so damn annoying!!!

  13. Niamh Sweeney
    | Reply

    Your handling that hamster really badly´╗┐

  14. areyoukiddingme chanel
    | Reply

    0:55 give me some pussy´╗┐ bitch

  15. Rafal kocon
    | Reply

    That’s not tricks you just made him follow the´╗┐ seed

  16. LpsCrazyCupcakes 415
    | Reply

    dang!´╗┐ that hamster can move!

  17. eoin creagh
    | Reply

    its like you just starved the poor hamster for a week and he is so hungry he´╗┐ is just following the food. bet you cant do it without the “treats”

  18. Shiella Melgar
    | Reply


  19. AppleShinobi
    | Reply

    Train it to be like one of those´╗┐ G-force hamsters

  20. Amy Gayle
    | Reply

    you should try making´╗┐ her go through a little hoop like if you have a little head band that would work pritty well my hamster is getting really good at the hoop trick.

  21. Angela LI
    | Reply

    could you please do a video where your only using yr finger cause it looked like she´╗┐ was only trying to follow the food

  22. karen mccoy
    | Reply

    I’m 13 too…And I think it’s really fun having a hamster. I have a male Chinese Dwarf Hamster, and I’m gonna get a female soon. My hamsters´╗┐ name is Jasper, when I get a female I’m gonna name her Bella!!<3

  23. Gamerboylance
    | Reply

    My Serbian´╗┐ hunter is small comAre d to yours he is really skinny surprisingly I give him a sunflower seed a day and a yogurt drop every week

  24. Grace Robinson
    | Reply

    Clicked on it´╗┐ and heard Telephone.. Yay! ­čÖé

  25. Humayra Iqbal
    | Reply

    I’m´╗┐ getting a hamster named cream puff

  26. isabella merson
    | Reply

    could you try jumping´╗┐

  27. M Prive
    | Reply

    My hamster Coco looks like his identical twin´╗┐

  28. Ana Nunez
    | Reply

    Me´╗┐ too I named my hamster chip

  29. samkimber80
    | Reply

    I got´╗┐ my hamster today

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