How to Train Your Parrot to Talk

How to train your parrot to talk.

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14 Responses

  1. rylan rapp
    | Reply

    i teached my african grey to say cookie and she says cookie alot

  2. Tanaaz Dudhat
    | Reply

    I've recently got a new african grey, she's about two weeks old, are there any tips on when and at what age to start training the bird or what age is suitable and how to begin the training process regarding responding and obeying.

  3. carl edwards
    | Reply

    Good job the video wasnt an hour long. Be to fat to fly all them treats 😂

  4. Birdhouse Planet
    | Reply

    Smokey pooped 5:05 😂🤣

  5. Jean Paul Nsabimana
    | Reply

    interesting points ,if anyone else is searching for how to train your parrot to stop bitingparrot teaching try Dalz Parrot Tips Discovery (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my mate got excellent success with it.

  6. Seth Schoenfeld
    | Reply

    What is the treat food you give her? We have an African Grey who is new to us. She's 11yo foster bird. We want to train her, but do not want to feed her too much nuts, especially peanuts, which were her fave previously and we do not feed her at all, or cashews, which are also very fatty. Ww tried sunflower seeds in the shel lm, but she hasn't taken a liking to them yet. What do you give her for treats when she does a good job?

  7. Stef Hammond
    | Reply

    Great informative videos. I’m getting a baby grey in 8 weeks. What do you treat yours with?

  8. This Guy
    | Reply

    But … I can't whistle 🙁

  9. Tony Shayeb
    | Reply

    Hi i got a grey parrot 3 days ago he is eating from my hand and coming out of the cage also and eating from my hand but when come to close to me he bites me what should i do and how can i train him to come on my hand and thx all

  10. milobaggins
    | Reply

    Good example of clicker training from someone who is good at clicker training themselves. Happy bird too , very nice. The bird or animal you clicker train can think they are training the person that's why they enjoy it so much . You still get a beautiful relationship, wonderful behaviour , very happy bird or animal and a fun training session for everyone in my experience .

  11. Abhishek Chaturvedi
    | Reply

    Hi, Have been following your vids and must say I am impressed…..I have a 9 Week Old African Grey, what is the right age to start the training process….It chirps a lot & I need some guidance on how to go about things

  12. Suhaila Alkizim
    | Reply

    My bird refuses to talk it only scream an makes lots of noise I've tried so many method…help me!!!! Also it won't let anyone pat her what can I do?

  13. Rex Luminus
    | Reply

    We're getting 😢frustrated after 3 minutes!!! Throw away that useless noisy clicker! 🐦Bird will imitate clicker sound & chirping too.! You're just dam complicating the whole process. People asking questions, you're not responding.

  14. Joshua Acord
    | Reply

    Hey I have a question can I train my sun conuer to talk

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