How to train your parrot to jump on finger

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How to train your parrot to come to your finger;

Hello Youtubers,
In this video,I have shown how to teach your birds/parrots to jump on to your finger.
It may take few days to months,depends on bird,to train them.
But be patient and keep teaching and your bird will effectively learn that.

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How to train your parrot to jump on finger

How to train your parrot to come to your finger

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22 Responses

  1. Bindu Thomas
    | Reply

    Your class is super!

  2. Sumera Asif
    | Reply

    One is 5months,& the other is 7 months old, both r very cute.

  3. Sumera Asif
    | Reply

    Hello, your videos are very helpful, & your boys r very cute, mashaAllah, I have two parrots, both r very young. I love your birds.

  4. Pigeon friend Pigeon friend
    | Reply

    and do you take your birds out with cage or without cage ?????? pls reply its urgent

  5. jyoti prakash
    | Reply

    Mera tota sik nahi Raha

  6. Rambhu Kumar
    | Reply

    mera tota mujhse darta hai

  7. Mona Gandhi
    | Reply

    Hello sir what kind of medicine to inr male parrot at molting time in India? Or can you call me +919429275390

  8. Fazil Creator
    | Reply

    Both r good guys 😍👌

  9. speak to bird
    | Reply

    Omg best video

  10. Ansh Pareek
    | Reply

    Why your parrot is looking afraid when you touch him
    when you are touching Charlie in starting but l wanna say that your bird, you and your video is awesome

  11. Naz Nazm
    | Reply

    Thank you😍

  12. Shehzad Shams VLOGS
    | Reply

    nice video, thanks u brother

  13. dhairya Vyas
    | Reply

    my parrot is 4 months old and she has passed 2 months in my house but she doesnot speak as normal ones also not even like normal parrot babys and she is always angry what can be the reason plz help me out .?

  14. Vadgama Engineers
    | Reply

    Hidi me vidio bhaje

    | Reply

    thank you for your video.

  16. Dhruv Dewan
    | Reply

    tumne apne parrots ke flight feathers kaat rakhe hain kyunki vo too cage ke bahar nikalte hi udd jayenge plzz tell

  17. Dhruv Dewan
    | Reply

    Bhai mera Indian parrot mujhse darta hain main kya karu plzz help 😢😢

  18. mayur gohil
    | Reply

    YE VIDEO AAP HINDI me bhi banaye. india or uske kai gaon me English language nahi pahochi. AAP KI SABHI VIDEO KAFI ACHCHHI JANKARI DETE HE. AAP KI JANKARI SABHI logo tak pahoche is liye AAP SABHI video HINDI me bhi banaye. DHANYAWAD.

  19. krishna lakhera
    | Reply

    sir aap enhe kya khilate he or training k time kya khilate he plz.. sir tell me or make video for this

  20. Ayaan Khan
    | Reply

    plz give me your number brother

  21. rushil singh
    | Reply

    love they way you treat them I have 9 parrot vd me 5 are new born and 4 are big one ….

  22. Karan Rathod
    | Reply

    bhai 1 year old ringneck parrot male hai ya female wo kese pata chalta hai??

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