How to train your parrot to come to your finger

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How to train your Parrots to jump on your finger.

This video is all about how to train your birds/parrots to come to your finger.It may take few day to train but eventually once they learn and obey your command,you will be so much happy.

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How to train your parrot to jump on finger

How to train your parrot to come to your finger

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20 Responses

  1. Giorgi Giorgi
    | Reply

    hey who can tell me how i can toughnest me parrot he is crazy all time fly in room i cant stay near vith any can help me plz he icines all time 4 month i have a but cant stay near all time fly pplz any have idea how i can learn he is scared hand afraid of force if arrest shouts and icines 🙁

  2. Bindu Thomas
    | Reply

    simple and good thank you,,,,

  3. mar
    | Reply

    I just got a sun conure and he seems scared of me and does not want to get on my finger. Everytime I try he goes the other way to avoid me. Any tips?

  4. Fahad Aslam
    | Reply

    Hi … i do have a parrot he allows me to touch it but is not coming on my finger … whenever i bring my finger close to him he doesnt reacts … please guide me

  5. Navy Caesium
    | Reply

    Do you clip your parrots' wings? Mine always flies away if I go near enough to try this

  6. Sarang prem. T
    | Reply

    What kind of parrot is that? Is it got in pet store?

  7. Priya Priya
    | Reply

    Its not bite on first time

  8. b z
    | Reply

    Please give me 1

  9. 1M Subscriber
    | Reply

    Yar mu j koi tip batao Mera sath 3 parrots he esi tarah green wo haath see door bagte he hand par kese betaonga bagte he please kuch btao??

  10. Mr Hadooi
    | Reply

    Thebonly problem. I face is my bird bites

  11. Talat Hafeez
    | Reply

    Brother my parrot always bitte me plz tell me how to solve this problem plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz thanks

  12. fea Gorman
    | Reply

    Love this so much

  13. Dishvendra Panwar
    | Reply

    sir ur so good u are talking and behaving with ur parrot in a very good manner

  14. Raju Kumar
    | Reply

    Hindi baat karo sir pls

  15. Pigeon friend Pigeon friend
    | Reply

    how to know that parrot's stomach is full ?????

  16. R Tario
    | Reply

    Hello, I just got a sun conure boy 1 week ago.. I been trying and reading on how to get him to come to my finger.. And he wont do it he just try to bite or go away.. any advice please it will help

  17. Sasmita Mishra
    | Reply

    Thnqs fr answeering. .

  18. Sasmita Mishra
    | Reply

    Sir actualy i brought a wild indian ringneck and he is about 8 months….can i tame him with paitiant..

  19. samia javeed
    | Reply

    hi patel i have a ring neck parrot but recently i bought a female of ring neck and now they fight with each other then what should i do for them

  20. patrick gomes
    | Reply

    Hi Hardik I am Patrick from Delhi and I wish to know which medicine to be given to a parrots if he catches cold & start sneezing.

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