How to Train your NEW PUPPY to Walk on Leash!

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21 Responses

  1. ENE soldier
    | Reply

    my puppy starts jumping and rolling freaking out when I barley pull on the least but he's okay with putting it on him but once he moves he jumps up and throws himself like a bucking bull . anybody have any tips for this . thanks .

  2. Steven Conroy
    | Reply

    1st time to view one of your videos. I'm going to go on the record and say "dude that dog is adorable"

  3. Emelito Monteron
    | Reply

    For a second there i thought you were tobey maguire……JK thanks for the show zak george

  4. Holy Huot
    | Reply

    Zac what size harness should I buy for a two month old Golden Labrador mix?

  5. Christopher Turnbull
    | Reply

    I have an 11 week old beagle/mix puppy. She smells EVERYTHING!! How can I get past that for good walks specifically with a hunting/sniffing puppy??

  6. Jenna Northmore
    | Reply

    I need you in my life!!

  7. jeet raj
    | Reply

    Pls upload new video with bb8

  8. Hailey Kay
    | Reply

    Hey, Zak I’d love to see more videos on training two dogs and raising two dogs at the same time

  9. Cheryl Fraunhofer
    | Reply

    I'm getting my new puppy in three days. Your training videos are great, and are helping me to get prepared to train him the right way when I bring him home. Thanks! And BB8 is really cute.

  10. Montrecia Mariee
    | Reply

    BB-8 is so cute 😍

  11. Sophie Blackburn
    | Reply

    The puppy is soooo cute 💖

  12. tam brand
    | Reply

    Too much advertising rather than focussing on the subject

  13. _TheBuildingFox_
    | Reply

    PetFlow does not stock Burns dog food XD

  14. Amber_ Playz
    | Reply

    Thanks my miniature poodle mocha now knows how to walk without panicking 😅 one question should I start taking her outside? She’s 3 months old.

  15. Egor Biletskiy
    | Reply

    I learned about workouts thanks to Unflexal workouts.

  16. Mylan Le
    | Reply

    Why… why is my puppy not as calm!? She is CRAZY! I expected a dog like BB8, but no, I got a T. rex

    | Reply

    Pls name a puppy R2 or r2d2 or just R2

  18. Liv
    | Reply

    my 4 month old puppy is part hound and is always wanting to track all the smells she finds. It doesn't matter if we walk in a new or very similar surrounding. It becomes very hard to get her distracted and to go the way that you want go on the walk. I try some of her favorite treats and she never gets distracted. TIPs?!

  19. Aussie scrapper
    | Reply

    Thank you for your wonderful videos. My new puppy arrives in a couple of days. Do u have a video on how to introduce her to our 13 year old Labrador

  20. shubham NAYAK
    | Reply

    can u give me tips as I just got a golden retriever

  21. shubham NAYAK
    | Reply

    can u give me tips as I just got a golden retriever and he is just 35 days old

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