How to Train Your Horse to Rear

I am training Duke & Trisha liberty this summer. so I thought I would make how to videos on how I am training my horses. here I am working with me horse Duke on how to rear. he has never did this before. if you have questions leave them in the comments below I would love to answer them. also this is really all I did to get him to rear no outside training and feel free to a just it to your horse and you. all horses are different. hope it works for you. let me know.

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4 Responses

  1. Dwight K. Shrute
    | Reply

    What about teaching a horse to rear with a bridle and on a saddle?

  2. anim3schxxl
    | Reply

    This video is so good!! Thankyou for your help!! Xx

  3. Heinz Stoffregen
    | Reply

    Duke is not bad learning to rear, although Trisha is already much more advanced. Did you already start to make horses rear under you? Trisha should be ready to rear you up – and you should have fun with that practice.

  4. MistyThe OTTB
    | Reply

    He's doing really good Bella, he needs to work in bending his knees some

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