How to Train Your Horse to Lunge on a Line : Supplies Needed for Lunging a Horse on a Line

Watch as a seasoned horseback rider explains the supplies you will need to lunge your horse on a line in this free online video about horseback riding. Exper…

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32 Responses

  1. hunterjumper21
    | Reply

    colby ur great, trainer your´╗┐ not!

  2. NamihaTaiga
    | Reply

    jeez ppl dont be such hard´╗┐ asses D:<

  3. neoncatty
    | Reply

    will everyone just shut the fck up?
    she knows what she’s doing!
    everyone is just targeting her because it’s a trend.
    all of her videos are really helpful for beginners.

  4. hyperfocus2011
    | Reply

    well i guess´╗┐ if we are lungeing we know what a halter is…

  5. chloeponylover burdett
    | Reply

    were is the stable in is it in´╗┐ london ?

  6. pinnywinny15
    | Reply

    Because chains control the horse. When I DONT use a chain on my horse she misbehaves. ´╗┐

  7. Mombeingsilly
    | Reply

    and´╗┐ why would you want one with a chain!!! gosh!

  8. Mombeingsilly
    | Reply

    DUDE! i was so going to put the same thing! loll!´╗┐ she obviously knows nothing about horses! or she would know that rope halters are best lol

  9. CodeNameStarKiller
    | Reply

    She forgot about rope halters…´╗┐ nice expert

  10. tuyry1
    | Reply

    or just buy a proper fitting halter?´╗┐

  11. tuyry1
    | Reply

    bridle, saddle, and side reins! except when my horse is coming off an´╗┐ injury or off a break. then i use a halter but he is only trotting not cantering. and i dont use a whip either. but i try to not use a halter. it doesnt teach them anything or help build muscel

  12. tuyry1
    | Reply

    not nessicarilly. some people do. when i do the odd lunging i use a bridle and saddle and side reins. except for when my horse is coming off an´╗┐ injury or something ill just use a halter. its safe as long as the halter fits right. i dont even use a lunge whip either

  13. tmustang94
    | Reply

    apparently she needs´╗┐ to wacth her own vid on how to stop a horse…

  14. tmustang94
    | Reply

    i was hopin´╗┐ wen she picked up the whip the horse would take off… dreams die..

  15. MyPonyHeartsMe101
    | Reply

    I love how to the horse is just like, “Um, why am I here-Oooo! There is something´╗┐ pretty!”

  16. DustyAndBuddies
    | Reply

    what a gorgeous horse. <3´╗┐

  17. Delkolovr2
    | Reply

    Uh no?what if shes busy that day and she cant get out to ride her horses for an´╗┐ hour?

  18. britarthc
    | Reply

    expert village sucks…this girl should actually teach you things.´╗┐

  19. xelusivebutterflyx
    | Reply

    you can lunge your horse just fine with just a halter, now i know my horse when we lunge without a saddle she gets silly and bucks and kicks a lot. when i lunge with all the riding equipment she takes it very´╗┐ seriously.. but that’s my horse

  20. lilsxckatiie
    | Reply

    im fkn sick of the expert village videos there crap half of them dont no wat there´╗┐ talking about seriously !!!

  21. Barrels4Me
    | Reply

    I notice´╗┐ ALOT of the expert village ones are pretty unprofessional ( in speaking ) they may be good at what they do but they sure dont kow how to explain it.. maybe follow a script? LOL

  22. adreamhorse
    | Reply

    that could be it…´╗┐

  23. xxbbykxx
    | Reply

    d´╗┐ -ring?

  24. Anna Schiffer
    | Reply

    why not use a cavesson´╗┐ and save your horses eye poked out when the halter moves up? thats what the cavesson is for anyways and much more proper and cheep too

  25. GoldenTicket56
    | Reply

    I agree with´╗┐ thundersrose….

  26. taradaktyl
    | Reply

    lol why are horse people always´╗┐ such know-it-alls

  27. PirateKitties94
    | Reply

    Shes always lungeing her horse´╗┐ for exercise, has she heard of getting on the damn horse? Surely its not safe to lunge a horse in just a halter? Shouldn’t you have alot more gear than that???

  28. adreamhorse
    | Reply

    when i used to lunge, i always put the chain of the lunge line thourgh the buckle on the side im on then clip it to the opposite buckle (sorry´╗┐ not sure what to call them)that kept the halter out fo the mares eye

  29. WindWolfProductions
    | Reply

    I clip the lead line uner´╗┐ her chin. It makes it easier for both me and my horse to change direction.

  30. plottluvr07
    | Reply

    Well I’ve lunged in a halter, bridle and a cavesson. I don’t recommend clipping the lunge line to the´╗┐ chin ring…it should clip on the cheek ring but again…its up to the person doing the lunging. Personally..I prefer free lunging in a round pen if its just for some exercise and I’m not going to ride. If its a training session then I’ll work with two lines depending on what my goal is.

  31. chiburui6
    | Reply

    I have longed in halters, bridals and just in a pen.
    Doing the job´╗┐ proper with the right tools will ensure a better chance of success.

  32. Madeline Puttock
    | Reply

    rope´╗┐ halter?
    dont need a whip?
    dont always for exersices?
    just a lead rope?
    more control?

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