How to Train Your Horse to Lunge on a Line : How to Trot a Horse in Reverse on a Line

Watch as a seasoned horseback rider demonstrates how to trot a horse in reverse on a line in this free online video about horseback riding. Expert: Kelli LaB…

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18 Responses

  1. stringsNhorses
    | Reply


  2. hmccann540
    | Reply

    IT’S NOT´╗┐ LIMPING!!! go and educate yourself and watch some AQHA horse training vids. You’ll see it’s a special gate they do.

  3. dkrogers22
    | Reply

    Man whats´╗┐ all the hate about you dont agree then dont watch it.

  4. animalLuverify
    | Reply

    ya no what? u know nothing about me. U don’t know that im dumb or whateva. well, ive been riding 4 a while and ive never heard any1 say anything about training´╗┐ a horse 2 limp? in her other videos, ive never seen her horse limp and ive watched some other lunging videos and this is the first ive seen where a horse is limping.

  5. hmccann540
    | Reply

    hahahaha you’re so fucking dumb. It could be lame I’ll give you that, I honestly don’t know but if YOU KNEW something about horses you would know that in AQHA in their show horses they often train them to preform a certain gate that mimics a limping gate and usually unnaturally slow. Haha of course you can’t train a horse to limp (well you could but…) I never said that. get´╗┐ your facts straight animal luver haha.

  6. trizan123
    | Reply

    Uhhmmm. Pull back lightly and say “Whoa!” And they should stop. Turning, tap in with your legs on the opposite side that you want to turn and pull with´╗┐ the rein in the direction they want to go and say “Turn” or somethin’ Thats what I do. ­čÖé And I ride everyday for about maybe 2 hours or so.

  7. megan brown
    | Reply

    ya i was meaning how to get them to stop when you say whoa and´╗┐ to change directions etc.

  8. trizan123
    | Reply

    Well what you do is you lunge your horse, maybe have a friend or someone do the lunging, and maybe you can try riding it and stuff and doing a certain thing with your body or a certain noise so your horse knows what you mean, you lung your horse so it will learn´╗┐ how to trot or whateva!

  9. animalLuverify
    | Reply

    She shouldn’t be lunging the horse if he is lame unless´╗┐ the vet recommended it to be done………………

  10. animalLuverify
    | Reply

    The horse was not trained to do a limp? Whatever the heck that means. You can’t really train a horse to do that (unless u are like amazing and tell them to do that with your line or´╗┐ something). Yes, the horse is lame and you don’t know what you are talking about.

  11. IvoryLithia
    | Reply

    You´╗┐ know, your not supposed to face the horses head while lounging them, your supposed to face the horses hindquarters…. Just something I learned from my mom who majored at this stuff in college ­čÖé

  12. britnieann
    | Reply

    Yeah´╗┐ I agree, that horse is lame

  13. britnieann
    | Reply

    Yeah I agree, that horse´╗┐ is lame

  14. hmccann540
    | Reply

    horse isn’t lame, its just the stupid gate they´╗┐ train their horses to do.

  15. megan brown
    | Reply

    how is that showing how to train a horse´╗┐ that horse has been lunged probably 1000 times

  16. Princeaboo
    | Reply

    Why´╗┐ are you lunging a lame horse?

  17. deerock527
    | Reply

    Thats very helpful, thank you for making this video, I’m going to purchase my first horse´╗┐ this year and I appreciate these videos members post.

  18. investaleaguer
    | Reply

    to bad your´╗┐ horse is lame

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