How to Train Your Horse to Lunge on a Line : How to Reverse a Horse on a Line

Watch as a seasoned horseback rider demonstrates how to reverse a horse on a line in this free online video about horseback riding. Expert: Kelli LaBar Bio: …

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22 Responses

  1. Lilli R
    | Reply

    you shouldn’t jerk on the line and this video should be called how not to lunge a horse and walking isnt going to get much energy out of your horse or pony

  2. Emma Polaschek
    | Reply

    oh, and never tug on the lunge line. use a deep voice and tell them to walk or stop. learn how to lunge also that horse is way to close to you and you should take a refsher corse I may not know as much as every one else but even I know that is worng.

  3. dragonflyinhaven
    | Reply

    oh, and never tug on the lunge line. use a deep voice and tell them to walk/stop. learn how to lunge.

  4. dragonflyinhaven
    | Reply

    the horse is WAY to close to you . whether you are walking or not, it is still extremely dangerose!

  5. karah0bug
    | Reply

    You seem like the kind of person that wouldn’t let a horse “be a horse” and run around and play

  6. Thomas Stepien
    | Reply

    Take the time to think about your comments before you post them. I know horses are animals, but they aren’t stupid. I mean, the only way if they would get tangled up is if their trainer was dumb enough to not be paying attention.

  7. DesignersPet
    | Reply

    um, Yes you can. You teach them to turn in instead of turning out. It’s called “training”. Proper lounging is about commands, cues, controlling gates, turns, stops, refinning and gaining respect. If you don’t know how to teach a horse to turn on a line then you shouldn’t be giving advice.

  8. gentlemortal
    | Reply

    you cant reverse the horse while it is out on the line, it will get tangled in the rope.

  9. gentlemortal
    | Reply

    i dont

  10. gentlemortal
    | Reply

    lol its just an example.

  11. gentlemortal
    | Reply

    if the horse is not listening it is a good idea to give the rope a tug to get the horses attention. it doesnt hurt them.

  12. gentlemortal
    | Reply

    it doesnt hurt them. do you own a horse?

  13. gentlemortal
    | Reply

    try a respect lunging tecnique before any thing else so that she learns to listen to you first. i you want more info message back

  14. luvmyhorse4ever
    | Reply

    i’de love to help you but i’m not sure.. my horse lunges easily.. umm i’de keep flicking it at her like your doing.. and do more walking than trotting and cantering and get her more used to it.. and if she goes towards you. keep directing her back into her circle.. and don’t let her have too much lead either.. that might be another problem… post a video on here of her doing that and maybe i can help you more.. haha i’m not sure though but that might be helpful.. try it!

  15. breakfastxmonkeyXX
    | Reply

    my horse is 3 1/2 years old and she charges at me when i try to teach her to lunge. she gets excited and starts bucking, but then she’ll start running towards you. i just flick the lunge whip at her. but how can i stop that all together>?

  16. rebecca pauly
    | Reply

    okay, i have a professinal trainer but you sometimes have to sway the line back and forth a little to slow them down. but you should only jerk the line like that if she is rearing or bucking to close to you. but if that happens then you should let the line go if in that much trouble or let the line dangle but enough to still have the safe control.

  17. Bethany Stewart
    | Reply

    it is very harsh the way she jerks on the rope. thats not a way to make them slow down…

  18. nvafem
    | Reply

    I always lunged my horses before riding. I admit I am not the strongest rider but am competent. I lived overseas; the horses I had were stabled in stalls. This worked to let them get the bucks if any out of the way before riding. ALSO I waas learning how to train the relatively green horse to relax on the bit, to supple as we went thru walk trot canter warm up and to relax with me.
    These videos are in line with what I was taught. I appreciate the constructive TIPS in the other comments.

  19. jerbearyukon yukon
    | Reply

    THe reason your horse was so close to you is because you didn’t give her any choice (you kept holding the line so close she had to follow you. You are teaching her to be in a position to RUN YOU OVER,
    She must feel clostrophobic around you

  20. CheesieBroccli
    | Reply

    You should always wear gloves & a helmet while lunging.

  21. DesignersPet
    | Reply

    This doesnt teach how to reverse a horse it just shows how to start a horse going in that direction. I thought it was going to show how to get your horse to reverse while out on the end of the line (I already know how, just wanted to see your way of doing it). Also I would not have the horse facing right in front of you when you pick up the whip they can paw or run over you, face them away from you or send them out then pick up the whip.

  22. Eventer13
    | Reply

    OK, I understand if people have different opinions on whats correct in longeing, but you should NEVER coil the longe line. And voice commands should have some sort of TONE, they understand the tone, not the word.

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