How to Train Your Horse to Lunge on a Line : How to Canter a Horse in Reverse on a Line

Watch as a seasoned horseback rider demonstrates how to canter a horse in reverse on a line in this free online video about horseback riding. Expert: Kelli L…

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35 Responses

  1. Guinea Piggies
    | Reply

    give her more line! No wonder she is stopping you constantly pulling on her mouth!

  2. littlemiss655
    | Reply

    I totally agree with ThunderRoses comment ‘Expert Villiage’ are not experts and therfore shouldn’t be demonstrating how to do things wrong. I don’t know why I bothered watching this!!! Horsemart free demos are the best, these people know what there talking about! Happy watching!

  3. Thoroughbred17
    | Reply

    Look and point to where you want your horse to go, and when they finally get going, look at their hocks to maintain the speed, or if you want to transition up, look at their haunches and bring the whip up a bit. Hopefully that helps!

  4. sbk2991
    | Reply

    Ok people she never said she was trying to exhaust her horse, just bring down its energy level. I’ve seen a lot of people seriously get hurt because they got on a horse that was in major need of a brief energy release, even after being on 24-7 turnout and in a daily training regimen.

  5. Wellington5392
    | Reply

    That is one good lookin horse!

  6. dappledbaybeauty
    | Reply

    my horse just turns to face me and will just move the bottom if I tap the bottom any tips ?

  7. TheStephenhuber
    | Reply

    i never use boots on my horse for lunging, hes an athlete not some clumsy idiot that would knock his feet going into a circle =)

  8. angeleyes0449
    | Reply

    I don’t see why all you people are criticizing her. I have a 7yr old arabian and i do in fact lunge him to get his energy out. And you don’t NEED boots for the horse. I never use them and my horses are perfectly fine. There isn’t just one way to lunge your horse. 

  9. Hannah Westbrook
    | Reply

    Boots for the horse?They’re working on a circle so are more prone to knocks
    Bridle?If you are trying to “get its energy out” you’re going to want a little more than a headcollar.
    Hat?Again, for the above reason. If they spook and run to you for safety, there is nothing to protect your head-same if they spook and run for it and drag you with them.Also, that circle is too small at least 15m is ok and no more than 18
    Go to horsemart to see how to lunge a horse correctly and safely.

  10. nicolosanae
    | Reply

    terrible…….. never follow this way expecially to a foal just starting the training !!!!

  11. TheWackyFarm
    | Reply

    I agree… I too am sick of these expert village clips that are wrong and not done by experts.

    “How to teach a horse BAD HABBITS in the round pen!!”
    The horse did what she asked it to?!?
    She’s asking to horse to trot, its loping and kicking…
    (Definitley NOT rating AT ALL!!!)
    I didn’t hear her ask it to lope with a cluck-

    Glad you asked us (thomasstep1) to post our own videos – doing it BETTER!
    Check my favorites list- you will see videos of it done *MUCH* MORE BETTER!!

  12. Matt Waid
    | Reply

    not exactly, even a horse that is out of shape can run miles, so you would have to be out there for hours in order to exhaust him/her.

    | Reply

    You don’t lunge a horse to “get it’s energy out” That’s not the purpose.
    You should really use boots; an “expert” would know that.

  14. yosteve121
    | Reply

    i know your kissing to encourage him but dont keep doing it otherwise he will go abit too fast and the kissing thing you do, that will make him buck more.

  15. looking4ferdy
    | Reply

    Well said.  You are so right. Since owning a horse I find that so many people think they know everything. I find that many horse owners are very bitchy indeed and their way is right and everyone else is wrong. As long as the horse is cared and loved then who cares??

  16. sisu212121
    | Reply

    well the horse is doing what she wants her to do so whats the big deal? If the horse is doing it then obviously shes doing something right

    And no if a well trained horse has lots of energy they will get excited so yes this is a good way to get it out

  17. horsegalO1
    | Reply

    wow thanks, and she is a beautiful mover

  18. Thomas Stepien
    | Reply

    Do people really feel they need to criticize somebody else that does something they know how to do? I mean come on people. Lets see you get on youtube and show us your techniques. Just because you know how to do it doesn’t mean you can perform better than anybody else.

  19. MegF
    | Reply

    Because she is claiming she is an “expert” and obviously isn’t.

  20. MegF
    | Reply

    Absolutely!! Agree with others on this: 1. Well trained horse won’t be trying to buck you off. 2. Try a turn out vs this tight lunging 3. Use lunging as a training method, so horse listens to voice commands and changes directions on a light lunge line (no pulling) 4. Good way to just get a more fit horse then you get to lunge longer and longer (unless they go lame from so tight circles)

  21. graceloveseventing
    | Reply

    watching her makes me nervous.

  22. needanap624
    | Reply

    A well trained horse won’t be crazy or try to buck you off. All longeing excessively will do it give you an even more fit horse, that still doesn’t behave. I longe for 10 minutes, TOPS, enough to settle the tack, tighten the cinch, and get him in a good frame of mind. Lots of gait changes and direction changes are what you want.

  23. horsechick2006
    | Reply

    The point of lungeing is not to TIRE the horse out! I bet alot of expertvillage horses get soured.

  24. brandybitchass
    | Reply

    Its good that they get energy out! I always longe my horse before I ride and let him buck and stuff so that he wont be doing it by the time I get on. And this is coming from a very seasoned rider. So all of you who think you know what your talking about, stfu.

  25. horsegirl1275
    | Reply

    the horse needs a bigger circle and she looks like she was limping in the beginning

  26. yuskoponygirl
    | Reply

    true that!

  27. WindWolfProductions
    | Reply

    I have seen a woman trampled because she was letting her horse “let some energy out”. If you want your horse to let energy out, and be safely away from it: try a Turn Out.

  28. Liberty Horsemanship
    | Reply

    I am sick of these expert village clips that are wrong and not done by experts.

  29. Jessica Lineberger
    | Reply

    everybody shut up she is giving you her OWN opinion on these techniques you dont have to do it

  30. Luego87
    | Reply

    sorry but not everyone has “made” horses that are perfect everytime you ride them. I never get bucked off my horse, but when he’s not turned out for a reason..lounging for 10min provides a more enjoyable/workable ride. some horses need to release that energy just like people do..for instance sitting still all day in an enclosed space makes kids want to run around and go crazy. same goes for horses.

  31. moridusu
    | Reply

    WTF! You don’t need to have your horse be tired so you won’t get bucked off, it’s called learn to ride and train your horse and then you won’t get bucked off! You don’t just lunge a horse to tire it out!

  32. moridusu
    | Reply

    lol she never has any enery or impulsion in her horse anyway!

  33. asqrss3233
    | Reply

    Once you “get all of the energy out”, as you mention, then where do you go? Back to the barn?

  34. gonehorsekrazy
    | Reply

    Dang, and i was expecting to see your horse cantering backwards!

    Seriously though, you can’t know how to longe a horse until you’re there with the rope in one hand, the whip in the other, and an instructor right next to you helping you.

  35. happyhunter1
    | Reply

    My god what are you on seriously! Firstly if your horse tries to slow down/speed up when you havnt asked for it you damn well dont let them! Secondly if your horse ‘goes crazy and tries to buck you off’ if you havnt lunged it then it needs a different rider to train it!

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