How To Train Your Horse To Jump Over Things

This is the way I do it anyway. Be careful, and remember not all horses want to jump and not all horses are as well-behaved and safe as Flora is. Again, this is not a video about you learning to jump – this is about teaching your horse to jump. Very different things. Stay safe!

Flora is an Irish Cob. She was born here on our place in Ireland and has never had a bad experience. I have worked with her most days since then and she trusts me completely. How lucky I am to have a confident, fun-loving horse.

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29 Responses

  1. Summer Fulton
    | Reply

    what a awesome horse flora seems cool and this video might help me If I get a horse that if I do my parents are thinking about it still ? but I really love to see flora and her progress increase GO FLORA!

  2. Jennifer Lopez
    | Reply


  3. Sirfluffypuff 2.0 Art Crafts 21
    | Reply

    My horse Checkers and i are getting ready to start to jump

    | Reply

    thank you for telling me how to trane my horse

  5. Just some Crappy youtube account
    | Reply

    That moment when you don't gotta horse, but you still watchin' this.

  6. Zoe Kean
    | Reply

    What breed is Flora? xx

  7. Sojie Copper
    | Reply

    I love watching this woman work with horses

  8. sinimannerstuff
    | Reply

    Beautiful clip. I love Flora, but I think I want you to adopt me :D

  9. Devon.Equestrian
    | Reply

    How high is 50 cm

  10. Anne van Gils
    | Reply

    we never train our horses to jump like this
    we first make sure that they have a good base of dressage

    then we just go and ride them
    walking troting over poles make it in a little jump and praise them

    thats how we treache them
    we skip your whole part of lunging

    | Reply

    Nice! I done necessarily agree with your methods (wouldn't use them myself) but this seems like an effective way to train:)

  12. thatcobtash
    | Reply

    this very helpful as you will see by my profile pic i have a cob called ash roughly the same height i was hoping to find a jumping video with a cob also he is a stallion so is a little dificult

  13. lenaberben
    | Reply

    It's amazing to see a horse like Flora doing these jumps! I have a Tinker myself, they're not the typical jumping horse. Looks way more majestic though, beautiful!

  14. Ling Ly
    | Reply

    The dog looks like a wolf…

  15. martin blouin
    | Reply

    your videos always makes me smile when i watch

  16. Jane Frizzell
    | Reply


  17. Guinevere Von Sneeden
    | Reply

    Dear Sandra and Tim!
    I can't tell you enough how much my husband and I enjoy your videos! We were even up till the wee hours of the night watching and getting inspired from all your lovely projects!! The west of Ireland is our most favorite place in the world! And to see your hard work and determination has inspired us greatly!! We are just starting out but hope to have a small farm of our own someday! I have tried to promote your little channel the best I could and hope some subscribers will come your way!!! I am an artist and so I can't be a patron of yours, but I am available in art for whatever you need!! If you need seed packet illustrations, label illustrations, etc. please do let me know! I'd love for something like that to be my contribution!

  18. Les Buckwalter
    | Reply

    Really beautiful. Buck

    | Reply

    como é o nome desta familia?

  20. goober650NX
    | Reply

    At 5 yo Flora is still a young horse so to start working on jumps with her at 4 yo and have her up to 50cms a year later is fantastic. I very much like your technique with your horses, seems to be based on showing them lots of kindness and they in return trusting you. Great stuff! Keep up the good work and thanks for the upload.

  21. aoifeone
    | Reply

    All that running around must be a bit too energetic for Bob, he was probably lying in the sun somewhere.

  22. Julian Nolte
    | Reply

    Hi, my name is Julian Nolte out of Germany. Im now following this blig for over two years and i love what you guys do! My question now is if there is any way of visiting you two? We could phone or something to get to know each other abit. Keep up what you do :)

  23. Ben Matthews
    | Reply

    How wonderful. And Flora is so beautiful! Is it hard to to get her to pull a cart after soaring over jumps with you? (Bonnie)

  24. That One Song
    | Reply

    Flora has come such a long way thanks to your love & patience. She is the loveliest horse ever. I got quite emotional watching this beautiful video. Su x

  25. TheodorEriksson
    | Reply

    What a beautiful video! Not only the interplay between rider and horse, but the cinematography as well! Many shots are really vivid and nice, that's something entirely different from the long and rainy winter we've gotten used to seeing! Ireland seems like a place best visited in summer.

    I don't ride myself, but recently graduated from my high school education in agriculture. The school is a farm and for a long time only agriculture was taught there, but most students now study riding or harness racing. So a lot of my friends are horse fanatics. Seeing draft-type horses like Flora is a lot more interesting than the standard-bred race horses I've gotten used to. Ever since I was a kid I've been fond of the Norwegian Fjord Horse, especially. Seeing you training Flora to be able to tackle different kinds of tasks is really interesting, even for us non-riders!

  26. notsunkyet
    | Reply

    A wonderful video, as always! I hate to ask… I only seen Annie, I didn't see Bob in the video, was he taking a nap?

  27. Ginmaree
    | Reply

    How lovely! You seem like you're very gifted at teaching, horses and people! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  28. Ruby Gray
    | Reply

    Ooh look at all that terrible dust flying up from the ground!!

  29. j lee
    | Reply

    Talk about an all around Horse Gooooo Flora :-)

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