How to train your horse to jump a course of show jumps
Saracen Horse Feeds show us how to train your horse to jump a course of show jumps. Whatever your horse’s needs, you can trust the Saracen range of diets – for more information visit

Traditional: Saracen Horse Feeds is a division of the William Lillico Group of companies, which is an independent family-owned business, with more than 150 years of experience in manufacturing animal feeds.

Innovation: Our feeds reflect the latest advances in nutritional research, continuing our investment in new manufacturing technology and advanced procedures in quality control. This ensures that when you feed your horse a Saracen diet, he or she is receiving the very latest and the very best in nutritional care.

Caring: You know everything about your horse; it’s personality and moods, it’s likes and dislikes. You also want to keep your companion fit and healthy, and with our help, be reassured that the well-being of your horse is complete.

Making a difference: Our pioneering ration development programme has made a real impact on the care and welfare of horses. With the launch of our ‘Veteran’ Mix in 1993, we made a difference to thousands of older horses with a diet specifically tailored to their needs. We feel that it is important to give something back to the horse, who gives us all so much pleasure. This is why we actively support the important work the International League for the Protection of Horses does for less fortunate horses.

Helping you: At Saracen, we realise how confusing it can be for you as an owner, trying to decide which feed you should choose for your horse from the vast range of products available to you in the market today. “Which brand?”, “Which product?”, “Will it suit my horse?”, “How much should I feed?”, etc.

To help you find solutions to your feeding problems, we are always ready to talk to you on our helpline, and we offer our FeedCheck service. This is an advanced computer programme that can calculate your horse’s nutritional requirements, and is freely available to you.

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12 Responses

  1. Pay Dan
    | Reply

    Can I jump my 17 yr old horse he is 17 hands too so they are quite easy but I have been jumping him 2ft and a little higher

  2. tali smith
    | Reply

    great video my horse is called benny I think that's what you called that horse if so whats his show name if not got any ideas of show names hes a 14hh gypsy vanner

  3. Vova Libamba
    | Reply

    Hi! I'm Alex.I did -15 lbs last one month.Open

  4. Banshee Queen
    | Reply

    my pony always runs right directly after the jump and I have no idea how to get him to start listening to me at that point:(

  5. Kenzie Qualls
    | Reply

    should i trot jumps on my 23 yr old quarter horse gelding?

  6. zeeclique
    | Reply

    i love this <3 !!! that was just perfect!! and such a GOOD horse!! my horse just loves to run. :/ cant get him to do short canter.

  7. JasperIsaLittleHorse
    | Reply

    I agree! I have an arena…but it is mostly muddy, it's not fenced in. I have one pair of standard, 1 pole, 3 barrels a "wall" and a few flower boxes…and none of them are actually mine. And I'm lucky to even have that…Id'e die for all of her equipment!! It would be so much more use full if i even had another pole!

  8. TheOrangeOstrich
    | Reply

    Are you… Complaining?? I don't even have an arena to train, I have a field, buckets, and old fenceposts for jumps LOL

  9. asparwhite86
    | Reply

    Yeah, I like her set up as well.

  10. Michelle Schroer
    | Reply

    i wish i had access to all these jumps and poles and everything! im stuck with about 5 poles and 6 standards total, and 1 cavaletti and some barrels.. hmm..

  11. Malibu Kent II
    | Reply

    7500 views and 3 comments…..

  12. hyperfocus2011
    | Reply

    Wonderfully forward young horse!

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