How to train your horse to do a western trail gate. A video by Roy Marchinton

A training video on teaching your horse how to do a western trail gate.


Roy Marchinton is passionate about horses, and loves not only to teach riders how to train their horses better, but also loves teaching the horse to learn from the minute the horse is in his care.
Roy makes everything black and white with his teachings for horses and riders alike.
Roy is very conscious of safety aspects in the handling and riding of horses.
Over the years Roy has developed his own ways and ideas on how to train horses – without the need to copy anyone else’s methods.

Roy has competed successfully internationally as well as nationally in the many different fields of western riding. Cutting, reining, cowhorse, trail horse etc.

He holds regular clinics which are always very well attended each time, because of his clear instruction and caring manner.

Roy does not confine himself to training only western horses, but any performance horse is taken on board, and Roy listens to the owner and adjusts his training to suit the needs of the rider and horse.

If you would like to be able to train your horse in a simple, honest safe way that the horse understands easily, then you cannot go past Roy Marchinton.

Roy is currently making a series of DVD’s on every aspect of training the horse from the young horse, to canter work, to teaching cutting, to teaching the horse half pass. . .it will be a valuable series to be able to return to time and time again if, and when you get stuck in your training.

For further information regarding these DVD’s. or if you would like to attend a clinic or host a clinic, then feel free to contact Roy on:

Ph. 0407021350 or International +61407021350 or visit his website:

His Facebook page has listed all the current up and coming clinics:

*** Note- the footage in this preview is not included in the actual DVD.

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