how to train your hamster to not bite

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13 Responses

  1. EverytingzYouNeedz
    | Reply

    Whenever I carry my hamster it bites before it would not but now it starts to bite I tried all the steps but it doesn’t´╗┐ work it still bites what should I do ?

  2. Joseline Canela
    | Reply

    What things do i need´╗┐ for a pregnat hamster

  3. zoe vanderveer
    | Reply

    my hamster is always really calm and secure but still bites me really hard and makes´╗┐ me bleed. i wash my hands and everything. what should i do?

  4. connie medermott
    | Reply

    My mum is getting me a Syrian hamster but I don’t know a good size cage for one can u help me plz and nice´╗┐ vid

  5. Connor Thompson
    | Reply

    My hamster bites me even though she’s been´╗┐ here for a while and I washed my hands. Help!

  6. Hamstercare24
    | Reply

    try making it really quiet and picking her´╗┐ up withslow gentle movements

  7. Hamstercare24
    | Reply

    try making it really quiet and picking her up withslow gentel movements

  8. chloe marsh
    | Reply

    i have never been able to take her out since i have had her cause she freaks when you grab her and she jump everywhere and i have had her for´╗┐ a year already help

  9. Hamstercare24
    | Reply

    thats good because alot of´╗┐ hamsters bite

  10. WWEwrestlingfan190
    | Reply

    i got my hamster and´╗┐ it never bit ­čÖé but thanks anyway

  11. Hamstercare24
    | Reply

    well thats what my old hamster used to do´╗┐ so i basicly just left her alone but when did you get your hamster?

  12. Divaladaisy123
    | Reply

    Thanks so much for the advice as well ! ­čÖé It’s just that I’m terrified of holding her without´╗┐ my mittens because she constantly bites everything! And when she bites it’s not like a nip it’s deep! I can feel it through the mittens! Any advice? ­čÖé

  13. Hamstercare24
    | Reply

    Thanks and i hope´╗┐ it works

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