how to train your hamster not to bite

this is very helpfull mostly for robo’s

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13 Responses

  1. Nicole Howlett
    | Reply

    Hi I got a hamster not long ago and its really good but it always bites the cage what shall I do xxxx

  2. hightech
    | Reply

    I can see the cage in the corner +Lacie Walker

  3. hightech
    | Reply

    Omg that cage is so tiny please get a bigger cage :'((

  4. mrslolokaiwahine
    | Reply

    I used thick gloves to avoid being bit. Then after a while she got used to me and I didn't have to wear them anymore. I think wearing gloves help at first! hopes this helps anyone:-)

  5. J Choi
    | Reply

    you don't help.   your hamster is cute

  6. autumn sisti
    | Reply

    Ahh but my hamster bites me so much i have to wear winter gloves sohe doesnt hurt me im only 9 i dont want to get bit and i start crying :(

  7. Yuncong Li
    | Reply

    You can't pick your hamster up like that or of course he is gonna bight you

  8. Tofu& Beancurd
    | Reply

    nothing one

  9. Leanne Mitchell
    | Reply

    also if you want some advice me and my friends have a facebook page called Daily Hamster Care.

  10. Leanne Mitchell
    | Reply

    people do alot of things dosen't mean its right trust me if you hold a hamster like that it will most likely bite you.I would advice you to cup your hamster as picking it up how you did the hamster would think your a preditor not having ago but for next time cup your hamster please it will make him/her feel safe in your presents 🙂 

  11. Mya Waldron
    | Reply

    a lot of people pick their hamsters up like that

  12. elizabeth lagman
    | Reply

    i have two hamster but the white one all ways bit me

  13. agworldoflove
    | Reply

    Typo. Stop bullying her. This is HER hamster. She can pick it up however she wants as long as she is not abusing it

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