How to train your dog

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description …. Dog Training Guide In the Next few minutes I will reveal to you how to train your dog several days independently debated changes immediately. So listen carefully, because you’re going to hear the truth about dog training. Most people even talented dog trainers, are wrong! Techniques of intimidation, humiliation and punishment have long been abandoned, simply because they are not sufficiently effective. But here’s the truth: the countless dog owners report that the training without the use of force and violence, bringing positive change in behavior of the dog and everything based on new techniques have been proven around the world. Training can give your dog a good start in life to succeed and fit in family life, training works on the prevention of unwanted actions and behavior, a person close to his best friend. Here are some tips that really will help you: Tip # 1 Be gentle with your dog, so it brings the relationship between you and the dog and he will be attentive and obedient. Tip # 2 One of the best ways to ensure success in dog training is to use positive reinforcement and reward good behavior. Tip Number 3 Try not to use punishment, because it will cause resistance and rivalry from your dog. Tip # 4 At the beginning of training, place real simple goals that will facilitate the dog to understand within a short time, be patient and persistent. Tip Number 5 Dogs naturally look at the leader, to win the good behavior, you must adhere to fixed schedules

What do you think?

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  1. mahedi002
    | Reply

    thank you guy, pretty useful

  2. rajib23079
    | Reply

    thanks so much for helping me do this through AIM.

  3. munchagurung
    | Reply

    I really like your tutorials, i subscribed

  4. SuperMicrowork
    | Reply

    you make really good tutorials dude, you deserve my sub. šŸ˜€

  5. rajib23079
    | Reply

    you deserve more views

  6. munchagurung
    | Reply

    can you make me one of these too?

  7. SuperMicrowork
    | Reply

    That was really nice of you to give this away

  8. shahid999s
    | Reply

    where’d you learn to do this?

  9. kraazycon
    | Reply

    best hacks i’ve ever seen!

  10. atik6661
    | Reply

    you’re amazing at this man

  11. emran01819
    | Reply

    man they’re going to be pissed when they find out about this.

  12. andybay7891
    | Reply

    subscribed for sure

  13. 7bijay
    | Reply

    very good help for a novice.

  14. RukeGoreZaKraj
    | Reply

    Loved it, i like the idea.

  15. t22t20
    | Reply

    amazing tutorial :3

  16. ismail931000
    | Reply

    keep up the good work!

  17. mali892011
    | Reply

    Can you make this for photoshop too, I love your tutorials.

  18. sbinod2012
    | Reply

    ZOMFG it works

  19. goldfoxwww
    | Reply

    good video.

  20. wshahin024
    | Reply

    Shits gonna be so much easier now!

  21. akhotchicks
    | Reply

    you are a pure legend!

  22. newsdailyify
    | Reply

    cool hacks

  23. AntoniosMark
    | Reply

    works fine but takes a while to get it

  24. noiry90
    | Reply

    nice tutorial and easy to understand

  25. t201234
    | Reply

    this tutorial was extremely helpful!

  26. VJ
    | Reply

    Good stuff, I thought it was comprehensive and realistic. Pretty useful, thanks.

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