How to train your dog – Understanding training methods and techniques

Find Free Categorized Video’s HERE Training isn’t complicated! This video goes over the fundamentals of training which inclu…

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14 Responses

  1. Kristin Crestejo
    | Reply
  2. MC MP
    | Reply

    Yes more videos!

  3. Love To Train
    | Reply

    Is it just me or does Luna look fatter and bigger

  4. Alessandro Romano
    | Reply

    Can you explain the examples of the principle of Premack?
    (no undertstand english)

  5. SprotteLissy
    | Reply

    Great video and explanation:)

  6. dogschoolgr
    | Reply

    Great video with nice examples although I disagree in some parts. Operant
    conditioning is a broad science which is based on some generalizations
    about behavior patterns that have been observed. For example, “behaviors
    that a subject finds rewarding will tend to be repeated”. It’s an
    informative generalization, but it is not a rule. You can tell it is not a
    rule by the number of dogs that have been repeatedly rewarded for a
    behavior, but that don’t repeat the behavior. Also, there is another part
    that says, a positive reinforcer is something which the subject finds
    rewarding enough to cause the behavior associated with it, tend be
    repeated. The thing that I am trying to say is that only positive
    reinforcement or negative punishment cannot be reliable just because you
    cannot control 100% the environment of the dog. Negative reinforcement not
    posive punishment can be just a part of communication and not something
    abusive. Anyway I respect your opinions and I ll keep watching your videos.
    Thumbs up for your video!

  7. Dee O'Bray
    | Reply

    I FRICKING LOVE YOU!!!! I just found you today and these are amazing vids!
    Luna is such a smarty pants 😀 the beer trick WOW!! I have always had
    collies I love the breed but I just got my first puppy a few weeks ago and
    thought I’d teach him loads of stuff my last girl was an oldie when I
    rescued her she was hard to train new tricks most advanced thing she could
    do was figure 8’s and other doggie dancing moves but nothing like Luna. My
    little Kovu will be learning all these things <3 He is only 12 weeks and
    can do all his basic commands was doing 5 of them by 9 weeks old! Is there
    any tricks that I should NOT do until his bones are stronger as I don't
    want to damage him and as I said he is my first ever puppy so I'm new to
    fragile bones and muscles ect... again I LOVE YOU AND LUNA

  8. Chris Violette
    | Reply

    Love your videos. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  9. Jackie Tigaar
    | Reply

    Can you do a tutorial on how to teach your dog to volley a ball?

  10. georgie henderson
    | Reply

    Finally another great video!!! Your instructions are most helpful, it
    really works. I am very grateful that you share your expertise. We live
    thousands of miles away from Canada and still benefit so much. Have a
    wonderful dog (Border Collie/ Aussie mix) since November and were pretty
    clueless to begin with, your videos helped the most. Better than pupy
    school here.

  11. NickPyro667
    | Reply

    Interesting and well made videos Kristin, even for us with no dogs.

  12. Linda Jovic
    | Reply
  13. romandoggrome
    | Reply

    This is off topic but I’m getting a puppy this summer and trying to get all
    the info i can. Do you have any suggestions on how to give a puppy a bath
    in a way that they may not mind and will not torment them for the rest of
    their lives? Thanks!

  14. mutten006
    | Reply

    Hi, I was hoping you could do a video talking about how to positively
    introduce a dog to a cat. I will be getting a dog soon and my roommate has
    a cat. Most dogs don’t seem to like his cat (though the cat never seems to
    have a problem with them). I wanted to know what the best way to deal with
    any potential aggression to the cat would be.

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