How to train your dog to use Puppy Pads

It’s time for another segment of “Get Akamai About Your Pet” brought to you by Gumbone! This week Niki from Shiba Inu Hawaii answers a question submitted by …

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12 Responses

  1. TheFatMansPoint
    | Reply

    what i do is each time he poops or pees outside the pad I make him smell
    the pee or poop and then smell and let him touch the pad for atleast 5 to
    10 repetitions.. all my dogs learned that way he eventually gets it pad =
    poop, poop = pad

  2. Yacouba Sylla
    | Reply

    interesting points ,if anyone else is searching for house training puppy
    try Boshapra Dog Train Boffin (Have a quick look on google cant remember
    the place now ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my mate got
    amazing success with it. 

  3. HawkzDemon
    | Reply

    no lol its a thing dogs poop on

  4. Metin Saray
    | Reply

    By Pad you mean the iPad?

  5. Lily Clarke
    | Reply

    No, you put them in the washing machine on there own, and she will not go
    because she feels it has not been cleaned.

  6. schaub13ryan
    | Reply

    You can, but the dog’s pee may seep through the newspaper; while puppy pads
    are more absorbent and don’t allow urine to seep through. Also, puppy pads
    have natural odors that trigger a response in your dog’s brain to do their
    duty there..

  7. SandysRaven
    | Reply

    Why wont she use it with droppings on it? does it mean that as soon as she
    goes once, its good for garbage?

  8. Sheridan Tagpuno
    | Reply

    Can I use newspapers? Plss answer me

    | Reply

    Your so pretty

  10. zachnuketown
    | Reply

    Why not? And dont reuse them

  11. Yorkielover07
    | Reply

    I need help my yorkie is 2 years old . And she knows how to use the puppy
    pads . But I want to show her how to use the bathroom outside what can I do

  12. Joly M89
    | Reply

    Why wont she use it if it has dropings?

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