How To Train Your Dog To Stop Leash Pulling, Stop Barking, and Stop Jumping!

How to train your dog to stop pulling on leash, stop jumping, and stop barking! This video is sponsored by Pupford!  CLICK HERE to get Pupford’s AWESOME new freeze dried beef liver training treats:

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22 Responses

  1. muhammad mahad
    | Reply

    Hey zak!
    I adopted GSD and he is 30 days old so tell me can i start training and tell me on what age we should vaccinate our puppy.

  2. strawberryxmochi
    | Reply

    My dog is a chihuahua mix. It’s a white doggo I got it for Christmas. My first ever dog! I rescued him from a shelter, he is sick so I give him pills covered in peanut butter.(his name is nooders, or if you can’t say “nooders” then you can say noodles.) I’ll use your training videos to help nooders!

  3. mani jain
    | Reply

    Hey zak suggest me something about my dog he is only 2 months old and i used to take him outside house so he is too scared of going outside i want u to suggest something for him and how to train him

  4. Elizabeth Beverly
    | Reply

    I don't know if this will be seen. But I have a video request. I just got a four year old sheltie mix and he is an absolutely amazing dog in all aspects except one… he is aggressive when it comes to toys. Only toys. He lets me pet him in a rough play manner, he's great with kids, just an awesome dog. I'm just at a loss on how to get this nipping to stop. I don't want to give up on this dog. I already love him so much. Any advice?

  5. Bettylou
    | Reply

    I can't help but ask, did you try the treats? LOL

  6. 24willa
    | Reply

    real helpful, thanks! it all makes sense now

  7. brian Garcia
    | Reply

    I have a dog like that and she is a Chihuahua and I take her on walks and she does the same thing thank you for helping me

  8. Loviekinz
    | Reply

    I tried a search but all I found was introducing a dog to other dogs in general. Any tips for introducing a dog to a new puppy? I have a 1 year old Siberian Husky… I might be getting an 8 week old puppy(it's her sister but born a year later) but not sure how my current girl will tolerate sharing me. She loves other dogs as I've socialized her very well, but sharing a home is a different thing

  9. Badger Hobbies
    | Reply

    The add before this vid was for a choke chain 🙁

  10. Cecilia Beehler
    | Reply

    THANK YOU! We have a catahoula and that was so helpful!

  11. Pamela Pamela
    | Reply

    Gorgeous dog

  12. Gamer Noob NepHiliM
    | Reply

    Any tips of housebreaking using cardboard box and basic training for my 2 month old Indian Pariah

  13. The Sanskari Gamer
    | Reply

    Do one wid ceaser milan

  14. Midwest Outdoors
    | Reply

    I wanna get a German shepherd puppy but I’m not home all the time so what will I need to do

  15. Lirbs
    | Reply

    Do you ever feel as though talking during training impedes with your timing? Maybe do voiceovers, that way you don’t have to delay rewards.

  16. Bridgette Draper
    | Reply

    Loved this video!

  17. Mr. Skeptical
    | Reply

    Ain't no way my dogs letting go!!! He says screw you

  18. Wanja Müller
    | Reply

    Oh my god, someone get this cute girl a decent harness.
    The one she is wearing doesn`t fit her at all. It cuts into her neck and armpits, restricts her shoulder movement, yet manages to slip all over the place.
    The belly strap needs to sit at least three fingers away from the armpit and no strap should ever cut into the dog´s throat.
    Always check if your dog walks the same way with and without the harness, if the shoulder blades don`t move or the dog rounds it`s back the harness is restricting it.
    I rarely ever see dogs with properly fitting harnesses.
    Imagine what wearing something tight and ill fitting like that would do to your shoulders, then choose your dog`s harness with the same care you would if it was you.
    I had to try four different ones to find a good fit but now i know my dog is secure and able to move freely.
    I know this type of harness seems to be in style right now but fuck that, your dog doesn`t care about style

  19. mckenzie brabham
    | Reply

    Can you do a video For someone who is using puppy pads mostly for potty training and needs to show the puppy how to only relieve themselves in that spot

  20. Sara Hudon
    | Reply

    Love all of your videos ! They are very helpful could you do one about introducing dogs to new pets. Some of those pets being small delicate ones like a rabbit or hamster.

  21. DJ Spyda
    | Reply

    what type of harness was that?

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