How to train your dog to stop barking

Sydney We recently adopted Sydney along with her whole repertoire of poor behaviors. This video documents the first time we took her for a hike and the barki…

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14 Responses

  1. MyAussieBlogVideos
    | Reply

    That sounds great!  Congratulations on your success. Excited wiggling is definitely preferable to crazy annoying barking.

  2. MyAussieBlogVideos
    | Reply

    Time and consistency will helps a lot. If you can set up a ‘fun time’ situation (like going for a walk) where barking ends the fun time, it sends a clear message to the dog. When we first started working with Sydney, it would take 30 minutes to get to the garage door because we’d have to keep resetting. But it worked! It’s becomes so clear what you find acceptable. Some people use shock collars, but I prefer the dog to understand what I want AND to desire the change with me. Good luck!

  3. Tajirogu
    | Reply

    Well, I started with ignoring her but then that didn’t have positive side effects which made it worse i thought. So I started rewarding her for being quiet and she eventually would just sit down quietly and wiggle with excitement. She’s been adopted by a elder couple who fell in love with her and were willing to work with her. I’m glad Sydney has improved a lot too! I always love it when people actually try and work with a dog rather than just give up after barely starting!

  4. Pigalit
    | Reply

    This is like my dog-continuous barking!He carries a ball now and it stops him but God help us if we lose the ball on the walk!He also barks in the car and in most outdoor situations.Can’t figure out how to train him to stop! You were so patient here-well done!

  5. MyAussieBlogVideos
    | Reply

    Hi guido764 – thank you for watching and for your input. My first strategy is always positive reinforcement but in this case, Sydney was not interested. In the midst of her glorious barking, nothing was as good as barking. I tried quickly giving her hotdogs, liver, etc in moments of silence, but she actually rejected them so she could bark some more! We’ve come a LONG way. I’ll post the update video soon.

  6. MyAussieBlogVideos
    | Reply

    haha, thank you! Sydney has come a long way. Some days are really tough and if she is acting like a fool, she just doesn’t t get her walk. I’ll post the update video soon. A little bit of patience goes a long way!

  7. MyAussieBlogVideos
    | Reply

    Thanks :) Sydney came with a barking problem, but she also has a lot of sass and personality. It’s a package deal.

  8. MyAussieBlogVideos
    | Reply

    Thank you for watching! Sydney has improved a LOT since this video. I will be posting an update soon with a few more tips I learned along the way.  What strategies are you using with your foster?

  9. guido764
    | Reply

    there are much faster less annoying ways to train to stop barking, especially since that you’re off nuisance barking was likely due to nervousness or anxiety. I’ve found in similar situations, instant positive reinforcement with commands and reward works better than letting them bark forever then rewarding after a barkathon which could take longer because they initially feel rewarded for nuisance barking, thus the long way to train.

  10. Ryan Unger
    | Reply

    The epitome of patience, impressive. More people need that think you could share some? 😉

  11. legouniverse28
    | Reply


  12. Melanie Rose
    | Reply

    That is so incredibly annoying lol, and I thought my dog barked a lot. I’m glad you worked it out, she’s adorable!

  13. Tajirogu
    | Reply

    Ah, thank you for sharing. I have one rescue foster dog that has this issue so I love to see how other people deal with the problem.

  14. Thomas Linberg
    | Reply


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