How to train your dog to spin!

How to train any dog to spin using food, fun and patience! Starring Ripley – Lagotto Romagnolo Find me on Twitter- Find m…

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About HART Kahuna

OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. Alexia Jenkins says:

    Can You Post A Video Teaching Your Dog to lay down? Thanks! 🙂

  2. Jen Martin says:

    Sounds like, shes either not hungry (you’re feeding her too much), the food is too low value (try something like chicken, or cabanossi) or your dog just has no reason to work for you! You should look into local Obedience classes, so you and your puppy can learn how to work togethor 🙂

  3. standardbrotocol says:

    How would you get the dog to spin on verbal command alone?

  4. AhSchit says:

    best training vid i’ve seen. i’ll try again with my doxie, she’s sort of a blockhead but maybe i was doing it wrong

  5. Bill Pairaktaridis says:

    I actually recognized the Stargate but with the color of their uniforms, I thought it was a SG-1 x Ghostbusters thing. Haven’t seen SG-1 in years…

  6. Jen Martin says:

    Thanks, I’m glad you like it! You are also correct, its stargate 🙂

  7. Jen Martin says:

    Its alright 🙂 At least he wasn’t telling me how fat I am :P Which has happened on another video. I can take the compliment.

  8. Jen Martin says:

    How? Uhm, nerdy parents with good genetics? Also, you don’t recognise Stargate SG-1? I’m shocked!

  9. JacquiH1986 says:

    Firstly, cool video! And also to that Bill guy – it’s not ghostbusters from what I see, it’s Stargate.

  10. Spazmo5000 says:

    Can’t a girl make a video without some guy hitting on her? So lame.

  11. Bill Pairaktaridis says:

    OK, Doctor Who, Ghostbusters, Super Mario Galaxy, The Hobbit and you’re cute…How…?

  12. WhiteFire391 says:

    My puppy is a toy poodle that’s 5 months old and she doesn’t like eating her treats her puppy food for breakfast lunch and dinner and I’ve tried several of them but she only eats them once in a while so I have to gran her when she’s playing with her toys so I take the toy away from her and when she does the trick I give her the toy. She’s kinda lazy so I can’t really train her much either… :/

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