How To Train Your Dog To "Speak"

When teaching your dog anything, the goal should be to encourage them to perform the desired action on their own will. In general we should avoid making them do things and instead make them WANT to do what it is we ask. “Speak” is a great example. No matter how much you want a dog to bark at your request, you cannot force them to. Therefore, we must find a way to motivate them to do this. In this video, I’ll show you a way to accomplish this!

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24 Responses

  1. Christine Kelly
    | Reply

    Best boys out there

  2. Kristen Peterssen
    | Reply

    I love his much you love Cyber. Your videos have helped me so much with training my rescue puppy. She's a Doberman mix, but her personality is definitely all Dobie, she's such a clever velcro dog.

  3. Melanin Baby
    | Reply

    My dog ( Doberman ) is getting jealous 😂 I'm going to teach her

  4. Pocket Bully Lifestyle
    | Reply

    Wow thanks now my dog won’t shut up when i start eating dinner. It’s like living with my exwife all over again

    | Reply

    I've got a German sheperd

  6. Robert Sparkes
    | Reply

    Careful what you ask for….My Doberman doesn't have an off button. Now she talks all the time…
    She ranks right up there with 2 legged females…..ROFLMBO

  7. แม่ ปู
    | Reply


  8. Giselle 3073
    | Reply

    Dud thanks so much on info because im getting a canecorso puppy and that was actually very usefull

  9. Jonh Doe
    | Reply

    D'ont forget the Quiet command to stop him from barking

  10. Danielle Thompson
    | Reply

    I cant 😂❤️😍

  11. Josh23
    | Reply

    Do you do the raw food diet for your dog?

  12. Nio
    | Reply

    i want doberman :C

  13. dar paw
    | Reply

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  14. Mai Almansour
    | Reply

    I love your vlog with your dog

  15. #Because I’m SUPERMAN
    | Reply

    You should teach him how to whisper

  16. Destiny V. Colorado
    | Reply

    Oh my goodness, that last clip 😍

  17. Bella Gomez
    | Reply

    Teach my Doberman this😭

  18. Derek554
    | Reply

    🔥Top rated comment is the next trick video!!! I will try my best to teach it to Cyber and give you a shoutout 🙂

    (Like your favorite ones below)

  19. Pino the Shiba Inu
    | Reply

    I teach this to Pino and.. I wish i never did this 😂😂

    He talk to me always .. before he didnt bark or say anything 😅

    my englisch is so Bad lol

  20. Ginny Anderson
    | Reply

    awww Good Boy!! Pretty speak!! 🙂

  21. Amber YT
    | Reply

    Love it ❤

  22. G&D Vlogz
    | Reply

    That's pretty amazing doberman are extremely smart dogs

  23. zouk61 61
    | Reply

    handsome dog, handsome owner too !!

  24. MeFiii
    | Reply

    Has always great content.
    Keep it up 🙂

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