How to train your dog to skateboard PART 2

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26 Responses

  1. Benjamin Hodor
    | Reply

    really great…..

  2. SameSoup
    | Reply

    Beautiful dogs! Great video! 

  3. Carolina Munoz
    | Reply

    Great video!

  4. Garrett Johnstone
    | Reply

    Don’t apologize for talking slow..that was fantastic. I am starting to
    teach my dog Loki today and your tips were great. Hope Julio keeps it up.
    Pleasure to watch him

  5. Kolton Wilson
    | Reply

    This helped so much thank you. My dog can do it now this helped a lot. :)

  6. chihuahua bulldog
    | Reply

    I love how you stress the importance of the dogs’ safety, confidence and
    happiness. I wish all animal owners could have the love and compassion as
    you do! Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. Stuart Loria
    | Reply

    Amazing Bulldog, my kind of dog

  8. MondoBeast6
    | Reply

    where did u get that rat fink board?

  9. SilverSkateShop BurqueLove
    | Reply

    beautiful pack…. cant wait to try your tricks on my pups

  10. Jeff Mendelsohn
    | Reply

    Excellent work. Can’t wait to use your techniques. 

  11. Shauna Russ
    | Reply

    Thanks for this 2-part tutorial on teaching your dog to skateboard. This is
    the best instruction I have seen on the subject and I appreciate the way
    that you go into such detail as installing the O-ring into the front of
    the board and adjusting the trucks, along with all your tips like teaching
    them to steer by practicing on a sidewalk with bushes on one side. These
    are the kind of really helpful things that this 60-yro, granny is not going
    to automatically think to try! I have trained my own 2 service dogs, but
    that’s a different story because I know how to do the things that I want
    them to do. I want to teach them to skateboard for their enjoyment, but I
    don’t know how to skate! Thank you ever so much.

    Just a word to some of the other viewers – don’t try to teach your dog
    “tricks” before you have taught them obedience (that training is for both
    of you because you need to learn how to communicate with your dog and how
    to train them). And, never stop practicing and perfecting their obedience –
    it can save their life, it will make them a much better dog to have around,
    and it will increase the bond between the 2 of you when done correctly,
    lovingly, and intelligently. Then they will be much more willing to trust
    you when you want to teach tricks to them and it’s a matter of your “team”
    learning something new, not the 2 of you pulling in opposite directions and
    you eventually blaming the dog (too stupid, too lazy) and the dog not
    trusting you (which is the real problem, not laziness or intelligence – you
    must earn their trust).

  12. Imran Mirza
    | Reply

    WOW this is fun for a dog skateboarding

  13. Наталия Скуратовская
    | Reply
  14. Ashley
    | Reply

    @Omar Muller, I will be receiving my 10week old English Bulldog Pup on
    January 17th, 2014. Do you have Skype ? Or a email I could contact you at ?
    I would like to do some training to get her to do commands and boarding as
    well. This will be my only pup and I could use some one on tips. Hope to
    hear back from you !!! 

  15. TheGondurGamer
    | Reply

    I wanted to teach a dog to sit but this is way more awesome!

  16. Jewel Benn
    | Reply

    this is the cutest comment on youtube :), good luck teaching your hound!!

  17. redneck boog
    | Reply


  18. canvasch
    | Reply

    Thank you Ceaser, good video.

  19. Emma260300
    | Reply

    Es ist toll!!

  20. Aeryun Stöcklein
    | Reply

    u rock!

  21. Will McLaren
    | Reply

    I am thinking of adopting a pal, and I was wandering if there was something
    that you should look into for finding a dog that could possibly skateboard.

  22. TheREZAR34
    | Reply

    wow I wish my bulldog can do that…to bad mine is too lazy like a pothead.

  23. ThejayR85
    | Reply

    Great stuff. Thanks for all the info

  24. Omar von Muller
    | Reply

    @KuzyStuff My 2 American bulldogs are big into skateboarding one is 92 lbs
    and the other is 98 lbs….any dog can !!

  25. Omar von Muller
    | Reply

    @gdmb22 Start pulling him with the cord

  26. Jewel Benn
    | Reply

    Haha aw is he still a baby? Young dogs love to chew. If he isn’t teething,
    constant chewing is a sign of stress. He may not WANT to do what you’re
    trying to get him to do. If so then puppy may need a whole new hobby. It
    isn’t necessary for dogs to skate, they weren’t born to do this, they were
    born to be a part of a pack, hunt, and migrate.

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