How To Train Your Dog To Sit

How To Train Your Dog To Sit

By Michael Colucci

The first thing you need to do is buy a supply of dog treats. Make sure it is something your dog likes and wants. After this take them and your dog and go into a quiet room that is free of any noise or things that may distract your dog.

Now you want to take a treat and hold it just above the dog’s nose. Slowly raise the treat above the dog, and the dog should look up also. When you sit down, he will do so as well so that he can keep the treat in sight. You don’t yet want to give any commands.

As your dog sits down with you, quickly praise him and give him the treat. After the dog eats the treat, repeat the process again. You want to stand up again, raise the treat over and above his nose, and then sit down. The dog will begin to sit down with you faster. After this you should take a short break.

Now you want to repeat what you did before, except this time you want to tell the dog to sit. When your dog complies, praise him, but don’t give him a treat this time. Just praise him. Repeat the process again, and this time give your dog the treat. Keep doing this randomly.

As your dog begins to understand, you can begin giving the command in different locations. Depending on your dog, you may have to offer them food a few times when sitting in new locations. You want to randomly treat you dog. Don’t give him a treat each time he complies.

The goal is to teach your dog that sometimes he will get treats and sometimes he won’t. The dog will begin to sit each time you tell him to in order increase the chances of him getting the treats. Make sure you try a variety of locations so that your dog will get used to following your commands no matter where you are.

Teaching your dog to site is a fairly basic command. Be patience if your dog doesn’t immediately obey. It will take time and practice in order for them to get used to it. Just keep trying, and eventually they will understand.

Michael Colucci is a technical writer for Free Dog Training – A site that offers free articles and resources on dog training.

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