How to Train Your Dog to Settle Down and Relax

How to train your dog to settle down and relax on a mat. This technique is a vital life skill for dogs and is useful for getting your dog to settle and be calm in restaurants, cafes or pubs.

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5 Responses

  1. Renee E
    | Reply

    Very nice Nick! Sharing with clients

  2. Laura Nelson
    | Reply

    Thanks for telling us what to do when the dog gets up. So many trainers don't tell us what to do when it doesn't go right.

  3. Christian Flanders
    | Reply

    Hey nick! When would be the proper point to introduce a verbal cue to this? As I give each treat?

  4. vonda1974
    | Reply

    what a good idea. I have a dog who refuses to be on the floor, be it a bed, rug or duvet. she wants to be on sofa or bed at home and I mean all the time! pubs are tricky as she wants to go on sofa or bench!! this will be really great a we are often not bringing her. as she will start barking if not 'up high' as it were! thanks

  5. Livvy Brewer
    | Reply

    07:04 – most important bit.

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