How to train your dog to ride / Motorcycle dog travel tips

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Today we take a 400 mile ride through TX and I show you step bey step how I travel with my dog scooter. We give you tips for on bike care, rest stops, and of bike care. I also list the products I use and why. Riding with your dog is a unique system and takes special care. I also point out some tips on how to train your dog to ride a motorcycle. These are my personal experiences and others opinions may be different. Although I have used this techniques to ride more then 150,000 miles with my pal Scooter.

Thank you for watching!

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18 Responses

  1. Jordan Bills
    | Reply

    I also use the pet palace on the back of my dyna with my morkie.
    I was wondering do you worry about his hearing? I have looked into hearing protection, but can't imagine him wearing it… what's your thoughts on it?

  2. Ryan's V-Twin Vlogs
    | Reply

    Absolutely love Scooter. Thank you for taking such good care of our favorite YouTube hound. Ride safe bud…

  3. Annette Gilliard
    | Reply

    Hey friend I thanks for that tips on scooter, I have a bike and it's a scooter and wanted too get my dog one of those bag you used for scooter my dog named is essis and we going be traveling by next summer I know your dog named is scooter it's funny because that's what I riding a scooter but i just wanted to let you know that but I will be traveling with my dog easie next summer so the idea you given are great idea so when I stated traveling next summer thanks for those helpful tips have a bless day 😎

  4. fburgpat
    | Reply

    Scooter has a lot of miles on that nose!

  5. Joez86
    | Reply

    I know awhile back you took a bad spill… I was wondering if Scooter was on the bike with you then? If so what happened … is his little house padded and has he had any flashbacks 🙁

  6. Don R Bishop
    | Reply

    When I first saw your videos, I subscribed because you have Scooter. I ordered the Pet Palace for my Yorkie and he rides with me a lot. Like Scooter, my Max loves to ride. He gets me up early on my days off work and we ride before it gets really hot. I am in East Texas. I watch every video that you put up for viewing and they are very good videos. Like you, I video many of my rides and put them up on YouTube. I am 73 years old and have been riding for over 50 years, and, yes, I did motocross racing in my youth. Give Scooter a big hug for me and Max! Have a blessed week.

  7. Sherrie Norris
    | Reply

    Love Scooter….I am looking for the link for the magnet for your gas cap if you or anyone else here happens to read this! I enjoy all your videos. I just bought my bike today. Life's too short to miss out.

  8. Jim M.
    | Reply

    Scooter has to be the most popular dog in America! Love all the vblogs and wish nothing but the best for you and Scoot. Hope to see you and Scooter on the road someday or maybe you will make the ride to Vegas sometime.

  9. Ron Bridgefarmer
    | Reply

    Love ya Scooter!! Adam do you fear at all about leaving Scooter on the bike going inside where someone might take him?

  10. Sarge John Stone
    | Reply

    Scooter is awesome.  Great to see he has come into his own on the show.  Wish my Ginger could ride with me, but I ride an old sportster, so my 60Lbs boxer would look funny sitting on the back.  Have thought of finding a sidecar though.  Ride on Scooter !!!

  11. nomaddawhat
    | Reply

    Do you ever put any cold packs in the pet palace to keep Scooter cool on the hot rides?

  12. Scott McLinden
    | Reply

    Good to see Scooter is back 👍…Ride safe Adam.

  13. Steve Eberhard
    | Reply

    Right off the bat you answered my question. I was wondering if he was tethered in the pet palace. Thanks, Adam. 🙂

  14. michael brogan
    | Reply

    great vid mate

  15. abdul rahim
    | Reply

    Your doing great job

  16. Roberta Hunter
    | Reply

    Great advice on dog training. I love that Scooter.  I wanted to ask about his nose, but I wasn't raised that way. Y'all stay blessed.

  17. Robess 10
    | Reply

    I wanted to buy something from your web page and it is only in U.S.A live in Mexico, I hope to be able soon to buy something I have a pug and I would like to be able to get something from her.

  18. Darren Lingerfelt
    | Reply

    Have you ever forgotten to tether him before leaving out?

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