How to Train Your Dog to NOT RUN AWAY! An introduction to clicker training: The “training bubble” explained: http://…

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27 Responses

  1. TheUnknownYoutuber
    | Reply

    How do make it shake your hand?

  2. aiden lee
    | Reply

    Thanks for the video! How do you prevent the puppy from breaking stay and getting up towards the treat as soon as he hears the click?

  3. babypinkjenna
    | Reply

    Loved the video! really really helpful!
    Can you make a video about socializing a dog?
    My chihuahua is not socialized so she panic,shiver and runs away whenever she sees dog close by.

  4. ringingice
    | Reply

    How do you train any dogs to mimic your speak (like Huskies)?

  5. ringingice
    | Reply

    Can you train dog to shake their hind leg to respond to ‘good morning’. I’m quite amazed when I saw the movie Dr. Dolittle (old version)

  6. Rios Tricks
    | Reply

    Mine checking out my channel?

  7. TheProDogTrainer
    | Reply

    Your next video could be a trick video training Venus to pick up and move objets like toys.

  8. That Dog Bella
    | Reply

    My 2 month old Yorkie lhaso mix will not stop biting. I know shes teething but it really hurts when she bites. I try to redirect her biting to a toy, but she ignores it and goes back to biting my fingers. what should I do?

  9. Ellen Spencer
    | Reply

    I’d love to see you do a video on breaking a supremely “off-focused” dog to break away from his frantic activity. For example… Jerry the Aussie goes bonkers when the neighbors two dogs go out. Jerry runs back&forth the length of the fence, barking, giving play bows, running more. Jerry is so focused on the dogs that his owner can not call him back. “Leave It” is not working. It takes physical restraint & removal to regain focus.

  10. Ellen Spencer
    | Reply

    I teach Communication– often if dog fails it’s because I wasn’t clear or sent a mixed nonverbal signal.  I always tell my student’s there is a FIRST Command that they MUST train their dog that is more important than the traditional sit, stay, etc. Care to guess what that is? Hint: it was at the core of your training with Lexi & your non-verbal cues. What is that “FirstCommand”? (I will check back later to confirm your answer) — keep up the great work friend!

  11. Ellen Spencer
    | Reply

    Zak, I loved this video. I love your emphasis on two way communication with the animal & setting up for success. I use “goooood” (reward) instead of clicker b/c it frees my hands & works. Small steps to shape the behavior & build to a great big reward at accomplishment. Teaching the dog to think & problem solve, we are ENGAGED in working together and it’s fun.

  12. jessica nguyen
    | Reply

    Thanks for the vid but can u make a vid on how to teach ur dog not to beg and not to go under me and try to make me drop it cuz I was eating a ham sandwich and my dog jumped up and snatched my sandwich so please make a video on that thanks!

  13. Zak George's Dog Training rEvolution
    | Reply

    Thanks Jude. I shall and thank you so much your feedback. You’re awesome!

  14. elvanator1
    | Reply

    My dogs are three years old. Is it too late for them? Maybe a video on training stubborn dogs??? Thanks for all you do.

  15. LeahBJackson
    | Reply

    My dog does this all the time, I’m going to try to teach her to stay at the door before we go out! Thanks for the great video!

  16. Jude LeMoine
    | Reply

    As always, I loved this video. You are so clear, so easy to follow and your message of patience, consistency and anticipation is needed. You keep ‘preaching’. I’ll keep on sharing!

  17. allyouneedislove1030
    | Reply

    I fell asleep on the couch before putting my puppy in her crate and she ate my sneakers. Can you make a video on destructive chewing and maybe jumping on tables because my mom is sick of it and wants to start using less humane methods to teach her. I really really don’t want a scared dog so pretty pleaser.

  18. Bex Warriner-White
    | Reply

    I just got 2, 8 week old Jack Russell’s! Big Challenge. I would love to start training them but it’s always playtime. No matter what I do, I can’t hold their attention and they just chase each other. Even when I take one out at a time she will always start attempting to play with me or sniff around and eat things off the floor. How can I train them to do anything if I can’t get their attention to start?

  19. Ashley Bruno
    | Reply

    Do you have any videos on the subject of boosting confidence in a shy/fearful dog?

  20. Isabella Merino
    | Reply

    Can a video be about play biting please

  21. rivs011
    | Reply

    I have a mini rat terrier and she jumps a lot when I hold the treat over her head. Help for small dogs???

  22. garfieldsnape
    | Reply

    I recently got a 2 year old dog from a local animal centre who has had little to no training. Is it true that you can’t teach an older dog new tricks or can any dog learn the methods you teach?

  23. badcyclone
    | Reply

    How to train dog to come

  24. Claudette Roper
    | Reply

    Thank you for your videos. So helpful.

  25. Nathalia Alvarez
    | Reply

    Aah please make a video about not nipping or biting, I have a 6 months old malinois who at rhis stage has very sharp teeth. Or to how to adrees dominance plus i cant get her to return the ball not even with treats she seems to like having me chasing her. I know its a hard breed but she was a gift and dont know anyone who is able to take good care for her. She just have me 🙁 but I’m willing to learn I just need some advice :(.. Anyways, you are awsome 🙂

  26. parisGreenDay
    | Reply

    Hi Zak, how do I get my dog to come to me when it’s time to leave the park? She knows how to come, but she won’t at the park! She runs from me when I tell her it’s time to go, and it’s so hard to catch her!

  27. siv21
    | Reply

    I need some help socializing a fearful dog (fearful of ppl), do you have any videos on this topic?

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