How to Train Your Dog to NOT PULL on the Leash!

Facebook: How to Stop Jumping: Teaching your dog to walk without pulling can …

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40 Responses

  1. ozfire34
    | Reply

    Hi zac, we have just got a 7 month old female German shepherd. We used your way of traning her to stop pulling on the leash. It worked amazingly!!!! It only took her about 45 minutes to get the hang of it. Thank you heaps.
    Andrew and Jenny from Australia.

  2. maria Trip
    | Reply

    I adopted a 9 month mixed Collie, from the dog shelter I have had her for 6 months now managed to get her to sit, but she doesnt listen or pay attention to me. She runs away down the street to the rubish bins and doesnt come back unless she finds a bone. I need to have her tied up.

  3. princesitadulce18
    | Reply

    love itt thank youu!!

  4. NarlyZX12
    | Reply

    They’re all smart! 🙂 You will discover! 🙂

  5. joe gordon
    | Reply

    how can I get my dog from nicking socks

  6. Lisa Matthews
    | Reply

    Love ya! Thank you for spreading truth, love, and positive reinforcement.

  7. lindsay bev
    | Reply

    I got an adorable G Shepherd puppy, 9 1/2 weeks old, and your training techniques make me feel like I have the smartest dog in the entire world! She is so good and eager to learn! Thanks for training ME!

  8. autumn shoemaker
    | Reply

    My dog dosent listen with this I use a crook chane but he is 8 months and bigger than meh he jumps a lot on othe rpeapel when I’m walking hi

  9. clydefav
    | Reply

    Nina please!

  10. Daniel Reynolds
    | Reply

    You have made mine and my dogs life more fulfilling. I can now challenge her mentally as well as physically due to your amazing well illustrated videos. So thank you.

  11. Brady Simon
    | Reply

    Listen from a distance!!

  12. Jesus Burciaga
    | Reply


  13. xwilledx
    | Reply

    you’re a good man Sir…

  14. xwilledx
    | Reply

    Hello Sir Zak, good day… Just call me Buddz, and I’m from Philippines. Sir I really love the way you teach us on how to train our dogs at home. You’re so great Sir. This is the easiest way of dog training tutorials. And I’m so thankful while watching lots of your videos here. Great Job Sir Zak… GOD Bless the WORKS of your HANDS…

  15. Mario Balotelli
    | Reply

    train him after he’s released his energy

  16. Clockwork Elvis
    | Reply

    wow, you were right down the street from me on Jena and Julia! wish I could have seen this in person! great video and thank you! extremely helpful.

  17. hriday hurts
    | Reply


  18. Cheri-Leigh van Oosten
    | Reply

    I am trying to teach my white boxer female to walk on a leash without pulling or attacking other dogs. I am at the point where I refuse to take her on walks because she is completely unmanageable. I am going to try the technique of tiring her out prior to the training and see how that helps

  19. mungosmahan
    | Reply

    Of course i’ll like it, it’s excellent advice. Thank you! My little one is always in a hurry to get to the park quickly. 🙂

  20. blackdogxx
    | Reply

    Get enrolled in a basic class at PetSmart or similar store. They are about $100 for 6 weekly 1 hour lessons and worth every penny! They use planned and approved training methods and your dog will love it! Training is what you do FOR the dog… not TO him…. get it?

  21. blackdogxx
    | Reply

    See above: get a private trainer or a PetSmart ‘clicker’ class is plenty good enough. I took 3 dogs through CGC certification and have been in 10-12 classes over the years. I’m not a newbie and everyone needs a trainer to show them what to do. You get a trainer to learn to drive a car… get a trainer to show you how to understand your dog!

  22. blackdogxx
    | Reply

    Don’t get your feelings hurt… If you don’t know what treats to use, you are a beginner at training. Get enrolled in a class at PetSmart, for example for about 100 dollars for 6 hourly lessons. They use clickers and positive reinforcement and do a good job (the trainers are using a program of training that is well prepared). For learning dog training… do NOT try to do it yourself. Your dog is more important than plumbing or car repair…. especially with a powerful breed like a Rottie !

  23. blackdogxx
    | Reply

    Look at 3:35 again and memorize it! Catch the dog doing something right (as a book title says) and reward it! It’s not you against the dog waiting to tell wht is wrong…. it’s you WITH the dog getting it into good habits as efficiently as possible.

  24. gsrhatch14
    | Reply

    great videos! what should i use as treats for my 8 week Rottweiler puppy? i wanna start training but i dont know what to use. thanks!

  25. autumn shoemaker
    | Reply

    Okie but my dogs like 100 pounds bigger than me and this dident work O.O and he’s only 9 monthes so ….

  26. Sally Cranfield
    | Reply

    Great video! But how do I ensure my dog is properly exercised and tired I before a training session if I can’t take him out on the lead without him pulling? Every time I take him to the park he’s pulling which serves only to reinforce the pulling behaviour? And if I don’t walk anywhere and just do the training with him outside he never gets properly exercised! Help!! Would love to see video B) next – getting the dog to listen from further away please. Love your work Zak.

  27. Poppy Thomas
    | Reply

    Would love to see both please!?

  28. Fallen19Angel75
    | Reply

    Nina listening from far away

  29. dOoMnX
    | Reply

    I’m so useless I can’t learn anything to my dog apart from sit and stay… :/

  30. Joanna Czerwinska
    | Reply

    What breed is Nina? Anyone knows?

  31. luan37000
    | Reply

    I’d love to see listen from far away

  32. Bware522
    | Reply

    listen from far away please

  33. TheMGMW
    | Reply

    I just discovered your well produced videos and I have to say that I am immediately going to use your techniques in training my 7 month great dane. I have a question about leash walking. I want to exercise him but he is terrible on a leash. If i don’t walk him he gets very anxious. If I start training him and he doesn’t catch on right away do we not go for a walk that day and then try again the next day or do I take him and let him release energy? I don’t want him to revert to bad habits.

  34. Justin Pentercost
    | Reply

    I have a dog (Jackabee) with the attitude of a teenager. I really like your video but nothing seems to work for my Sam. I try to teach him to not bark when the phone rings, someone knocks or is just in the hall, at people, other dogs, buses and trains and everything, really. It just doesn’t take. I would like to teach him to not pull on his leash, but also don’t want to take away from HIS walk. He has a 16′ leash that I’d prefer he use 15.5′ of. If my dog had a middle finger I’d see it often. 😛

  35. Camp Bow Wow
    | Reply

    These are fantastic tips! It’s great that you use only positive methods to train, as that is what forms the strongest bond between dogs and their humans. Keep up the awesome work!

  36. biglukasabc
    | Reply

    what a good dog, my dog barks and pulls when it sees other dogs, i knew pulling hard wouldn’t work and its it seem hursh.

  37. Carolyn Richmond
    | Reply

    Tricks. I have a Bichon Frise that is being trained to be a therapy dog and we need to learn some tricks.

  38. madogblue
    | Reply

    I really liked this video, and have used this technique that I learned from Puppy kindergarten with great success, but going to the next level is the big challenge. It is relatively easy to keep the dogs attention like to showed, but I have never been able to progress beyond. The problem is that you never get to take the dog for a real walk of any distance for days/weeks. They seem to break concentration after a short distance

  39. katrina2k84ever
    | Reply

    Listening from a distance 🙂

  40. Rony Sheer
    | Reply

    Listening from a distance can be a matter of safety and therefore probably takes priority.

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